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I wonder what the impact would be if there were an unrelenting over decades (government backed and big suncream industry sponsored) so called health message/advice/campaign regurgitated annually and stating in no uncertain terms that “there is no such thing as a safeâ€


sunscreen or NSAID or SSRI anti depressant or hair restoration tablet or cream???


Glacial progress leading to mass uncertainty and stagnation maybe???


Kinda like what Clinuvel, light sensitive disease patients and shareholders have been suffering through maybe???

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This fraud has gone on for long enough. What the JK is going on here!!!


How/why would such a safe and effective photo protective “skin tanning†drug with such incredible potential , after decades of showing nothing but A1 safety, then maxing out regulatory timeframes (record breaking to reach approval) to then be relentlessly resisted, stonewalled, shunned and ignored leading to market uncertainty and the utter stagnation that we are witnessing in 2021, 18 months post the momentous FDA approval. Something stinks here!!



The longer it takes PW and Co to push back (fight) against the anti sunlight and “no such thing as a safe tan†corrupted ideology (bureaucrats and suncream industry that combined some 40 years ago to form potent symbiotic relationship trusted by the public but built on falsehoods for insane profits) the longer this company stagnates and wastes away it’s IP and extraordinary potential.


Sitting back on a fat salary for another 5-10 years waiting on another indication to be approved after spending multiple decades proving (beyond doubt) already your skin tanning drug for photo protection is outrageous and a huge failure on so many levels PW and Co. Another bunch of years of hope and promise is unacceptable sorry!


If it’s ok for endocrine disrupting chemicals in toxic, disease promoting, Vit D blocking suncream to be slapped all over children’s porous skin every day it should be fine also (logically preferred) for people to have access to this proven safe and effective (NON TOXIC) drug Scenesse that will stimulate a super safe and effective natural cancer preventing skin tan.!!!


It’s time for PW and co to either fight back against this corruption with the volumes of data available or explain why exactly the safest of drugs (proven safe over decades) must be locked down into “specialty centres†like a dangerous toxic drug and totally ignored.


Is there a fundamental problem with Scenesse??


Should we really fear “tanning abuse�


Is the drug toxic or dangerous?




Come clean with your long term shareholders (hostages) or step down already and give someone else with a little more fight ago at persuading authorities to give up the irrational and fraudulent fight against the skin tanning drug that no doubt will (one day) be seen as one of the most beneficial disease preventing drugs ever.


PW your silence and obvious obfuscation is incredibly disrespectful not only to shareholders but to the thousands suffering diseases that safe Scenesse will remedy.

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Today’s numbers are obviously positive but after all the years of strange going ons at Clinuvel the level of uncertainty is still off the charts so nobody’s interested.


7-8 years after EMA so called approval the sluggish situation in EU has done untold damage.


I’m sure tomorrow’s HY webinar will be enlightening and inspiring though!!


Sadly I believe the frustrating glacial pace of the company with the game changing skin tanning drug (that has always shown A1 safety and incredible therapeutic potential) will continue to be “glacial†whilst ever corrupted regulators and authorities remain “fearful of tanning abuse†and in the pocket of billion dollar per year toxic suncream industry.


This long running irrational (alleged) “fear of tanning†is nothing but a ruse!


Think low fat diet scandal!


Unscrupulous regulators and authorities in cahoots with billion dollar industry for profits at the expense of society’s health is not a myth or uncommon.


What we have been witnessing for decades now is the great “Toxic Sunlight, protective suncream swindle†that surely is an even bigger scandal.


Eventually logic will trump ignorance and corruption!!


Having a non combative, seemingly happy to sit back waiting for the safety to provide fame and fortune on a very health salary PW at the helm of this struggling company doesn’t help our cause at all though which is extremely annoying.


Mitsubishi won’t allow this multi billion dollar per yer skin cancer preventing via natural photo protection (ones own boosted skin tan) market waste away like Clinuvel has I’m certain.


Oh well there’s always the sixth indication I guess!!


2030 anyone??

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EPP is alls we have and most likely will have for years to come so management you have to maximise and exploit fully this slim opportunity that exists.


Lower the implant price and vaporise that barrier from those rotten bureaucrats alleging that it is and get the drug out and treating as many EPP patients as possible.


That would obviously be a great thing for the EPP community as well as Clinuvel on a number of levels. The more Scenesse getting out into the world the better for everyone involved.


80% of EPP patients in EU should be your lower end target not 10-20% especially after all these years!


Those totally uninspiring figures and pie in the sky talk of incredible things that never eventuates is fuelling the uncertainty, lack of interest and stagnation of this much beloved company.


End the stagnation PW by exploiting the one tiny window of opportunity that they couldn’t keep closed.


Cmon Pier! Get off yr ... and get up and fight for your wholesome cancer preventing drug like your life depends on it man!

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Interesting times for those long time epitan/clinuvel shareholders when negative posts on sharescence/sharecafe posts parallel with share traders/shorters/hedge funds/brookers closing their position. Across all markets (I'd love to say c$&ts) want to close off small investors to make more money for the 1%. The negative posters are either the 1% or hired to do their bidding. This stock will take off. That is why they are closing their shorts. The posts before this one is all about seeding doubt. The poster has gone by many names before and only posts when negative is for their positive. Don’t sell now. Make it expensive for these c$&@s to buy back in. Good luck to all longs and bad luck to all shorts.
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I’d like to say absolute BS so I’ll just come out and say it: absolute Bull Shit!


“The negative posters are either the 1% or hired to do their bidding. “


What the 1% of those that actually comprehend the situation?


Your sounding like one of those paranoid guys that can’t handle a different opinion but constantly and idiotically post SP predictions or confuse melanin with melatonin.



Does your logic apply to negative posts from those @ sharetease also?


or do you only have the minimal courage to single me out?


Have you questioned their motives for being negative recently?


“This stock will take off. “




So if we use your logic it would be fair to ask: are you pumping this stock?? and do you have a vested interest for saying what you say? or are you being paid?


Wake up!


“The posts before this one is all about seeding doubt. “


No that’s completely inaccurate.


If you knew anything about what I post you’d understand that I 1000% believe in the drug and have always stated so.


I know personally (first hand and through scores of others) of its potent photo protective power to safely stimulate a safe and incredibly effective skin tan and have been living with the benefits since 2005 and have been saying this for over ten years online.


This lazy?? management, on the other hand gave in to the fraud of anti sunlight and skin tan zealots (admittedly powerful and influential) fearing that it would only make things more difficult and lengthy for them if they didn’t bow down and shut up taliking about widespread availability for photo protective skin tanning.


History lesson.


The FDA rejected this drug multiple times (not on any grounds of even potential negative safety but SOLEY because of their fraudulent “fear of skin tanning abuseâ€.


They were forced to try their luck in the EU because the ignorance and denial of the drug was so intense at the time.


Why would such a super safe drug still (after decades of stunning proof) still suffer from regulatory resistance and stonewalling??


Sure FDA and others have approved the drug but after maxing out regulatory timeframes they had no other option but to approve BUT they forced the safe drug to be locked down into “special centres†for approximately 10 years.


Why would it be necessary for a proven long term safe drug to have to suffer from such draconian measures??


Should the world fear “tanning abuse†OR has it always been the TOXIC SUNCREAM industry (and their powerful friends) fearing this so called tanning abuse???


The drug will no doubt make it to the top (one day) I’m just filthy that drug regulators , toxic suncream industry and lame (sitting back comfortable) management have all failed the drug and the community that continue suffering through this “skin cancer epidemic†with no viable option for photo protection other than TOXIC disease promoting suncreams.


Scandalous!! Bring on the movie!!

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Did anyone catch the announcement that PW sold 104k shares a few days ago? I'm looking at all the past ASX announcements in my inbox since 2011, and can't find any stating he's sold any until now. Maybe it's nothing, and he just needs funds to buy a new condo, or vintage Aston Martin... lol. And, it is only 2.9% of his total holdings. But, it still makes me wonder.
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No, I completely missed that one Sparkey.


Oh well the CEO offloading a small parcel (100,000) at this point in time shouldn’t really affect CUV share price..... right? :weirdsmiley:


Ive got a funny feeling that CUV might get pumped in a southerly direction today possibly sub 20$.


WTF!! Here I am predicting CUV SP @2am like some Idioto Yahoo!!


I tell you one thing: I can’t wait for the Clinuvel movie to appear or will it be some kind of dramatic miniseries for Netflix?


The woke PW can bask in the glory of going into battle for equal opportunity in the boardroom, office and lab while wasting a good decade attempting to appease the “no such thing as a safe tan†sunlight demonising zeitgeist.


One day these morons will be recommending Scenesse for photo protection ultimate you know!

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