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Clinuvel has gone quiet for a while now... Let's hope some news will come out soon apart from the quarterly report and no news letter etc.

The FY 2019_20 has officially ended.

Rien ne va plus

All sales booked, all revenues accounted for.


EU sales growth might have stalled due to covid19 and slow take up of new countries and centers.

Pricing stability I hope and also for manufacturing I don't expect a big cost jump.

So based on that we should be looking at similar numbers as last year in revenues and profit.

But now we have about 50 working days with 3to5 centers in the USA to add first implants at the global price level.

And initial Chinese sales too.


So much news we are now waiting for until the end of the year.

The next 6 months is going to be a busy time for cuv to live up to the expectations and secure future growth.


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Outstanding Analyst Coverage. The latest being 2018, then goes back to 2013! WTF! if you're going to do something like this, why not professionally and with the latest reports? Clinuvel really needs someone there to cover all bases, so this kind of thing doesn't happen. Any interested investor would take one look at this (for 5 secs) and move on.
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I don't actually think they should be focused on retail investors.


It would seem that this management, for many years now havnt been all that interested (publicly at least) in exciting investors of any type tbh.


I remember vividly a 7news (AUS) segment (2007-8ish) with PW on Bondi beach on a sunny summers day with people of all shades laying about sun baking saying to reporter ( in no uncertain terms) “if the safety holds up†yada yada yada, photo protection (aka skin tanning) would not be far away. Well the safety has been stellar and beyond doubt for a decade so it shouldn’t be long now I guess.


Totally different approach taken since then even though nothing has changed concerning what the drug does or the way in which it does it. Same dosage, nothing has changed. Which is good in some ways and bad in others.


As most here know, this drug is a rare game changer and on numerous levels. The stigmatism that Scenesse has been subjected to over many years will fade away into insignificance and fast, once US EPP community get a hold of Scenesse and showing/ proving to the medical community just how incredibly beneficial a supercharged (natural) skin tan really is to human health. It seems like nothing will change (stigma wise) till this is achieved.


I’m sure Clinuvel have made plenty of mistakes along the way but their path to this point has been unjustly long and the processes hoist upon them throughout have been convoluted beyond belief. It really is a strange space they find themselves in but one thing is for sure, the tide will eventually turn and a tsunami of interested people and parties will come flooding in. This Clinuvel/ Scenesse story has decades to go yet.


I’d really like a super cute avatar but it’s not working for me!

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