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Shorts gradually declining according to Shortman site. EOFY difficult to follow given especially recent turblulance with a number of stocks. Overall my view on shorts is that it's gonna happen at $14, $24 or $44 or $104. JB Hi Fi seem to continue to peform well despite the short position and they maintain a high short position despite the performance?? Go figure. Anyway, should be a newsletter mid July followed by the interesting quarterly end of July. I'd be very happy if they maintained Europe sales from last year and add something significant from USA given issues with Covid. GLTA
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Couple of thoughts:


  • Generally, I'm on management's side when it comes to providing shareholder information (even thought I'm on the investor side here.) Investors are not management or the board, we don't have access to all of the intel (nor should we) and we generally make some really bad assumptions about what's going on and can cause disruption. I used to handle IR advisory for mid-sized companies for a few years. Shareholder management contention is not a new concept. For example, I'm not sure Clinuvel should or should have chased Covid indications at the expense of EPP, vitiligo etc., I just don't know enough. There are great companies run by highly ethical people who, as a matter of practice, share verrrrryyyy little with shareolders.


That said, public information is public information and we do have voting rights. It seems that this industry, in particular, is prone to shareholder abuse. Information like EPP patients describing their interactions with Clinuvel as a "battle", incomplete submissions, absolutely absurd CEO performance packages (based upon peer performance in a recession) need to be discussed and vetted and InvestClinuvel will allow us a forum to do so.


I hope InvestClinuvel doesn't become agent of war born of frustration against management. That can be highly counterproductive. There's some good research done here (not by me) that I actually think I/C could become a value driver. I'll have an ore in both waters. Titles like "you can't handle the truth" and "do you want a condo with that implant" "the public company that doesn't want to be" may feel rebellious, but ultimately that makes me a big wary.


Cheers all, looking forwad to July receipt numbers.

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Testing to see if I can post again (after having my account closed...)


Here’s Why We Think Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals’s (ASX:CUV) Statutory Earnings Might Be Conservative



Examining Cashflow Against Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals’s Earnings


One key financial ratio used to measure how well a company converts its profit to free cash flow (FCF) is the accrual ratio. In plain english, this ratio subtracts FCF from net profit, and divides that number by the company’s average operating assets over that period. This ratio tells us how much of a company’s profit is not backed by free cashflow.


As a result, a negative accrual ratio is a positive for the company, and a positive accrual ratio is a negative. That is not intended to imply we should worry about a positive accrual ratio, but it’s worth noting where the accrual ratio is rather high. To quote a 2014 paper by Lewellen and Resutek, “firms with higher accruals tend to be less profitable in the futureâ€.


For the year to December 2019, Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals had an accrual ratio of -1.25. That implies it has very good cash conversion, and that its earnings in the last year actually significantly understate its free cash flow. To wit, it produced free cash flow of AU$16m during the period, dwarfing its reported profit of AU$15.1m. Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals’s free cash flow improved over the last year, which is generally good to see.

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Some new employees on board with CUV



Mobile App Developer (Flutter) at CLINUVEL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD

June 2020 onwards

Mobile App Dev??? Flutter is a framework for mobile apps... maybe some sort of registration app or experience sharing within patient groups?!



Financial Specialist

June 2020 onwards

In Palo Alto



Communications Associate at Clinuvel (UK) Limited

I think she was already in the team and also already mentioned.

But since May a new role.

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Kim Kardashian West sells $200m stake in cosmetics brand



Ms Kardashian West has since branched out and launched her first cosmetics range in 2017, which is already worth $1bn according the terms of the Coty deal.

Under the agreement, Coty will take a 20% stake in KKW and take "overall responsibility" for driving up sales of its skin, hair and nail care products.


When will Clinuvel finally launch a cosmetic/OTC line? Wasn’t this promised in 2018?


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