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Might be a bit long: Fond farewell to many who will be missed on the forum. SC IMO is not what it has been for a while and it's not all CUV fault. I invested in Epitan and then CUV and attended every AGM since 2005. (Just to be very clear once again I'm not LH or PW and have no other connection other than investor).The issue IMO did not start with facebook but some time before that. I'll come to facebook. Last time I say this once again!! The path to approval of this novel molecule with dubious history, required input from patients, pysicians, lobbyists and of course management along with the compassionate use program in Europe. By 2013 IMO the company was at the crossroads whether to continue and without European approval the year after, I might not be writing here today or at least we would be further behind. The nature of the condition demanded a novel approach and anectodally may have assisted in creating a novel approach to market approval for other (orphan) drugs in the future. Not just reliant on trial data alone. A relatively safe drug is approved for use under rigorous pharmacovigilence giving an opportunity for EPP patients and perhaps many others to live better lives in the future. End of story.I don't have a facebook page. I understand you can block anyone you like -it's your page. CUV have worked closely with the EPP community to date and if in conjunction they believe people are doing the wrong or unacceptable thing on the page, they have a right to remove the content of block the poster I guess.There is a line in finding and researching information in a generally acceptable way or not. Unfortunately the corporate world offers too many dodgy examples of the latter but you can choose as an individual what you want access to.Forums are there for information and banter but by nature we have differing opinions but this does not give rise to unaccepatable behaviour- hence the need for moderators who should have a base line of terms of posting. If someone abuses me personally I would feel a right to alert the moderator. I have not alerted the moderator to date. If anyone refers to CUV individuals the same, they should have a right to alert the moderator to abuse or misinformation.Any investor invests in management and the Board. You don't like the direction you sell. There are many other investments and companies to invest at this point in the same space and in the USA as well. You can make plenty more money elsewhere (check afterpay the last 3 months).Do I have issues with CUV? Of course: What's the new indication? Is China risk or reward? Would I like a Nasdaq listing at the appropriate time (of course), Do I think CUV need more resources-Yes.Do I expect any more from CUV than other listed companies-No.

2019 AGM had the most questions ever (unfortunately the Shareholders association did'nt do themselves or Management any favours at the start). This year it may have to be broadcast under Covid who know's? You havn't missed much by not having streaming meetings except your understanding of the company and Management might be clearer.Soon to be a new financial year, new times for SC, CUV and the world.Bigger issues at play than a forum. Get some sleep Macguyver!! Keep smiling everybody.



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when I first started coming here around 2009-2010 (ish) you could read, but not post... it was right around 2014 when you needed an account to read...

Then they relaxed it a bit so you could read without an account again...


At least, that's kind of what I remember....

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I can't help myself, several have lost their voice:


LJS and Zodiac: You have to the right to an opinion but lemmings are useless except to tyrants. I would hope any forum will allow respectful criticism. SC or any new forum should allow spirited but respectful disagreement. Several times I've heard, "if you don't like management, sell." When you are heavily invested, you are part owner of the company. Like in politics, if you don't like the direction of management your other option is to vote. Clinuvel acting to block voting of shares CLEARLY and still there was major disagreement in Wolgen's personal enrichment. This is fact. Several large shareholders were denied a no vote.


So many valuable posters have been forced out, this so unfortunate. Some here are very eager to drink the corporate kool-aid, but have NEVER contributed anything of value to the discussion or research.


I myself am admitted a luke warm contributor. During dark days I posted as much medical information as I could simply to keep discussion going about the molecule. I have always believed in melanocortins and their future disruptive contribution to medicine. With new competitors coming up quick, this is another fact. Clinuvel's waste of a head start is another fact. Criticism of management is critical for growth, to be suppressed is unethical. I posted a respectful criticism of management about suppressing shareholder voting rights on their webpage. They did not respond but pulled it down and blocked any further reviews.


Posters here such as Portuguese Man and Sharelooker have been nothing but stellar as contributors, research phenomenal and truly unbiased. Thank you all. What do you have left but the equivalent Clinuvel Communique forum full of fluff? I hope to see these honest voices again on a new forum, as well as Clinuvel supporters and dissenters. That my friends is the point. Of course respectful discussion and without antagonizing and honest transparency. I understand this is difficult, but the ultimate goal.


I am also a very long term holder who demands transparency in his partially owned company. Management has lied about the FDA approval process and shows contempt for shareholders, fact. They even state this in lobbing insults through communications, clearly amateur tactics. Delays and mis-steps have hurt stock price, but I feel due my ROI and hold for the technology and promise.


Thanks PM, well stated


PortugueseMan (yahoo finance post)


I have no illusions: I am aware that no one would miss me if I stopped participating in forums, despite the much investigative work that I have done to date and that possibly led to me being banned from SC. I am aware that the world of forums is not a world of solid, authentic, sincere and profound relationships (I received several private messages from posters thanking me for some information / contributions and suddenly these same posters started to ignore me and my posts ...). I am aware that the fact that English is not my first language does not help me to argue in the best way, to explain my messages in the best way or even to understand correctly what others say, and I know that this substantially limits the way how others relate to me. I am aware that most members do not have any ties to me and that they do not consider me a relevant member, even though I am an LT holder / contributor. But even though I am aware of all this, I do not even offer the chance of not participating in the new forum. I signed up in 2014 in SC not because of others, but because of me: having people with whom to share ideas, opinions, findings worked like a kind of catharsis, like a kind of psychiatrist's couch, like a kind of gym: it helped me to discharge tensions, energies, frustrations, to refocus on the essentials, to discard the insignificant, to know the insides of the company in which I invested not only my money but also my person. The new board will be an excellent space to talk and that's all I ask.


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Hopefully reference to SC vs any other site stops. I expect SC to renew topics more about the now and future. The revolving bitching goes elsewhere. Please read Uho‘s response to the SC drama on Google-it might give you a better independent perspective. Corporate world full of tyrants- Rio just blew up aboriginal artifacts with explosives and said it was too dangerous to remove them- send the CEOI with the powder monkeys to Fix it!! I invest in the space to try and make money -it comes with all faults. CUV not perfect but I believe not what has been intimated by some. Hope it’s not a pied piper moment for some of you.
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Thanks for your thoughts, seems sincere. I still think too much has gone down to ignore. We should strive to better ourselves, expect the same of others. It's a rare find, but I value honesty and integrity. I'm only guessing, that several persons that feel slighted are the ones who supported Clinuvel when facing oblivion (when instos liquidated) by holding and cost averaging.


BTW, Uho left his own site for how long because he was censored by google? We all have a line.

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