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Change of mgmt required! Please sell the assets and let shareholders be rewarded!!! Time has come! The next recession is at the door and cuv mgmt is sleeping not doing anything of the promised. We believe in the product but not the lying mgmt anymore ... that’s why we stay invested but complain !! Yes PW / WB stop complaining about complaining shareholders ... just do your Job!
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I have always appreciated your contributions in the past and have given you a lot of likes for them.

Unfortunately, I have to contradict you here.

If you really assume that we are facing a major recession (which could well happen), but believe in the product, then it is more likely to sell everything or parts now and buy it back for say $ 10 as your call for a new management.

That is unlikely to happen.

The current excitement and poisoned atmosphere is understandable but not very constructive.

I am aware that I may get angry answers now, but I hope you can stand a differentiated opinion.

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