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Because all their shorting prior was SO effective at causing a panic sell off - we know their game and won't be happy until the pigs are squealing while they're led off to the butchers. The only thing that has worked at putting real-world downwards pressure on the SP has been the coronavirus...hang on a minute :o


Had a 1,000 share buy order just miss out today near the lows. Trying to do my bit.

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And shorts updated for Wednesday of last week when the SP went up $2. Down from 8.72% to 8.52%. Rough corrleation from Tuesday and Wednesday trading is a 0.1 percentage point drop in shorts equals a $1 SP rise.


I very much doubt the shorters will get much significant sell volume to buy back in until the SP starts with a 4

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At some point things are going to get very exciting indeed. Will make the surge we had a couple of years ago look very tame. Hopefully, it's not too far off, as the wait for many of us has been way too long. Instead of posts about how shitty the management is, I want to see pics of super cars, yachts and houses. BTW, who bought the Porsche some time back and posted some pics? Hope you're still enjoying the ride!
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My spending will be quite modest. I only intend to buy three investment properties with the proceeds :biggrin:


But seriously, I’m waiting for the big cash-in so I can go cruising in an Amel Super Maramu yacht around the world. She’s an older girl but solidly built and has all the creature comforts, enough to sail to higher latitudes at any rate.



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