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Royco, with genuine respect for such a long-term contributor to this forum, I agree there is tremendous value found here-within, but I'm obliged to say I think your suggestion that CUV should buy ShareCafe or sponsor posters in some way is bat-shit crazy - it would kill all of value on here.


Some content from here populates the horizon with speculative yet plausible future therapeutic targets via technical research papers.

Some content helps identify medium term strategy via patent updates, domain registration tracking and trade mark notifications.

Some content updates us with near real time monitoring of current fundamentals via close scrutiny of reimbursement lists, national payors and regulatory listings.

Some content helps provide a critical scrutiny which corporate policies preclude from taking place in other mediums.


Much of this information is undoubtedly positive for the company, but it would not be prudent to even tacitly approve it by having it published on an owned channel. A portion of this information is unhelpful to management as it, from time to time, counteracts the narrative they would rather present and they would be happier if it didn't see the light of day.


Clinuvel has a strong dislike of being discussed so thoroughly on here. They like to control information very, very tightly and we, collectively, inhibit that. Remember in just the last few weeks their head of global operations accused some forum posters of illegally sharing content from social media and, presumably, was the catalyst for having several post moderated on this site. Furthermore, on several occasions comments have been directly made in person at AGMs by senior management criticising in the strongest terms our valuable information/opinion sharing platform.


In my view, CUV would be the worst possible steward of this forum (but I agree with the sentiment of the rest of your post).

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Looking at the list of exclusions, a lot of those would be potential candidates that Clinuvel would need for trials concerning vascular and related afflictions. A defined fork in the road in which Tanabe cannot follow Clinuvel down its chosen path.
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So I noted the dicussion prior about being unsure where we are at with France as have gone to 'audition' (translated as 'hearing') but the agenda for their next distance meeting on Wednesday screenshoted below taken from here shows that an audition is hardly an uncommon thing.


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What they don't tell you about surviving COVID-19.


These are my observations (of hospitalized patients):

1) Everybody is so swollen their skin has blisters and is so tight it looks like it’s about to burst, from head to heel. And skin so dry peeling and flaky that to slather Vaseline on every shift is almost necessary — all over.

2) Everybody’s skin is weeping clear fluid and has sores and the skin just slides off with slightest turn or rub, all over the body.

3) Everybody’s blood is thick as slush. Can’t figure out what’s making it clot like that, but it’s dark and thick.

4) Everybody’s kidneys are failing. Urine dark or red, which could contribute to the swelling, but we don’t know yet.


It certainly seems like a drug with anti-inflammatory properties would be helpful



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What it seems, in a certain subset of people there is a problem with endothelial permeability. Vasculitis.

Which can happen with any virus, some cold seasons I do see runs of leukocytoclastic vasculitis. Just biopsied one Friday. In this case I think its HSV infection, has occurred 3x in the past 6 months, always with fever, myalgia and a cold sore. BTW swabbed negative before his visit and first round preceded pandemic.


So there is definitely something with COVID: COVID toes, ARDs, GI and Kawasaki's





Our findings indicate that alpha-MSH may have an important therapeutical potential for the treatment of vasculitis, sepsis, and inflammatory diseases.

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Covid seems to be worse?


In the three weeks beginning mid-March, Mocco saw 32 stroke patients with large blood blockages in the brain, double the usual number for that period.


J Mocco, MD, Director of Mount Sinai's Cerebrovascular Center, David Reich, MD and President and COO of The Mount Sinai Hospital, and Hooman Poor, MD, an ICU doctor pose together outside the hospital in Manhattan, during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York City, New York, U.S., April 17, 2020. REUTERS/Jeenah Moon

Five were unusually young, under age 49, with no obvious risk factors for strokes, “which is crazy,†he said. “Very, very atypical.†The youngest was only 31.



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