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Credit to leaxie on HotCopper for this find, CUV gets a mention, nothing really new and some errors but interesting to see a more main stream view on the company.




(You might not want to let the next video play, Friday’s “the call†features Jun Bei Liu from Tribeca, known shorter of CUV, interesting that she doesn’t seem to mention CUV at all, perhaps she got out of her short position already?)

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Treatment Testimonials


Friday, June 19, 2020


The American Porphyria Foundation (APF) is gathering testimonials from members about their experience with FDA-approved treatments (Panhematin, Scenesse, GIVLAARI.)


If you are interested in sharing your experience with the APF, please include your response using the link below.


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what a board this is...so much relentless research brought into the picture.

my sincere thanks to all contributors.


Would it not make sense for cuv to buy this board/sharecafe or at least help some members to contribute more?!

it is by far their oldest, most visited and most knowledgable information outlet today.


I read the effort made by the new pr guy in the latest presentatiom and I could read straight through it how inexperienced the newby was and how almost all was hearsay/debriefing of what he was told when joining.

It just couldnt convince me.

Many on this board and uho of course have over a decade of in depth knowledge on scenesse, clinuvel and its management.

We could do a better job, even if it would be answerring some questions of new investors.


What a joy to be a long term investor in this fantastic company holding one of the most disruptive technologies since they found aspirine.



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Approximately 4.4 million shares are currently shorted and all have to be bought back at some point to close positions. I get shorting the stock when there were so many delays and missed deadlines, and when the sp spiked 60% at FDA approval. Don’t get it at all now with the US rollout underway that will significantly boost revenue, and so many other positives being pursued behind the scenes.


Are there any trading platforms out there that give the average price of the shorted shares and an overall percentage of shorted shares that are currently underwater?


That’s a lot of shares to buy back when you have a steadily increasing sp. Truly look forward to the carnage when they’re all running for the exits. Fourth quarter numbers coming at the end of July could start the stampede.

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