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Remember what is due on 31/7 is a 4C Cash Flow statement, and that will cover cash flows to 30/6.

There is zero obligation to report sales revenues in that document. They have been getting a bit better in offering more info than is strictly required in a 4C of late, so perhaps they'll give USA commentary referring to sales, but I doubt they'll be very precise on numbers.


The next report to show revenues will be the 4E Full Year results due on 31/8.


We know US injections started around mid April. Therefore US revenues should be recognised from around that time (probably a little in advance of it). Associated cash flow might not be seen for 30-60 days depending on payment terms as we've discussed before. So, my guess is we'll see a little US cash flow in the 31/7 4C, but not a whole lot and it will not be the same quantum of the sales of the same period.

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Glowing patient reports with the most minimal of very short-term side-effects which are on par with about all that has been seen over decades of use. Following is the language that Mitsubishi Tanabe used in their press release from the PII trial in November of last year. This is not the language I've ever seen used (I've got 30 years in medical research) to describe something with negligible minor side effects of the like you see with Scenesse. Liver side effects a clear issue and who knows what else.


"ENDEAVOR is a phase 2 proof of concept study for MT-7117 as a treatment option for EPP. ENDEAVOR met its primary endpoint of change from baseline in average daily time (minutes) to first prodromal symptom associated with sunlight exposure between 1 hour post sunrise and 1 hour pre-sunset at Week 16. MT-7117 was generally well tolerated with an acceptable safety profile."

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A stock to the watch in our favourite sector

Mayne Pharma Group Limited (ASX: MYX) is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive long-term license and supply agreement with Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA (Mithra) to commercialise E4/DRSP, a combined oral contraceptive, in Australia.


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Please don’t hold back on hot tips. I’d usually cringe when someone says ive got a great new stock, but I’m happy to at least look at suggestions from SC members who are clearly switched on enough to know Clinuvel is so much more than “a hot tipâ€. I’ve also invested speculatively in two stocks mentioned here previously, in a semi speculative way, much like i did when i first bought CUV in 2006.
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