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The pictures of the tanned COVID patients are exciting. I also consider it very likely that these people were actually treated with MT1 (or a variant). The question is whether it was actually effective. Have these patients actually been cured or saved by the addition of MT2? If so, it would normally be very easy for Wolgen to use this media-effectively. From my point of view he should be able to find out or make a good assessment if Scenesse could be the cure. And if yes, everything else is a nobrainer.


By the way, the topic of COVID treatment is becoming more and more explosive. In China and South Korea, there is increasing evidence that patients who have already been cured are tested positive again.

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There are many vaccines that and treatment cocktails that are being tested for COVID-19 that they use on HIV/AIDS patients. That is heavy duty stuff. Scenesse has a far better safety profile. We have this advantage which I think is most crucial. Additionally, it would be far better to let your own immune system battle the virus than to introduce drugs that may affect your body in other ways. Scenesse does not attack the virus directly, instead it super-charges your immune system to do it naturally and it fights the inflammatory response brought on by the virus so that your immune system can be effective.
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Precise language is needed in law and medicine. Like in chronic disease, most often there is no cure with viruses. Symptoms can abate, a virus can be cleared or go latent. A "recurrence" may be re-activation of latent virus or exposure to a new strain. Sometimes the immune response (IgG) simply does not stick around for long term immunity, hence re-infection (influenza). The common cold, a cornavirus can be cause (Rhinovirus Coronavirus RSV and parainfluenza).


Scenesse cannot supercharge the immune system and reduce inflammation at the same time. Anti-inflammatory is the need with cytokine storm in ARDS. I do agree safety profile is great. It is also possible Scenesse has been offered to hospital for studies. We would not hear this information unless widespread use. Management knows and has heard I'm sure. We're in the dark until we're in the light. I wish afamelanotide could be a key player, we have certainly highlighted this.

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In my experience - over 10+ years in CUV and scouring this board periodically - Endymion has been one of the more intelligent posters on this website. And there is no harm in raising a hypothesis. I hope CUV management have at least tested the theory, even if they have dismissed it.
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