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Uniforming pricing, good or bad?

Debat on tthe CLVLY BOARD.


In my believe this comment is of a high standard, realistic and gives a clear vue about what's going on right now in Europe, gives a good answer on questions like, why are there so many delays in Europe, why hasn't Clinuvel still not finished the IND the FDA asked and is PW realy doing his best as we all might think he does on this Board? What are we missing?.

That's why I publish it here.


What's your opinion?





"On Uniform pricing

PW has shown it does NOT work (at least implemented by OUR company) amd is NOT in shareholders best interest!

1. The reimbursement process has taken too long, too many restrictions and still a lot of countries not on board!

2. No other company I am aware is so stringent on pricing. Generally capitalist want to maximize revenue not adhere to a "fair pricing" principle (that doesn't work). Look at ITMN when Esbriet was approved they attempted to get yes a similar price but in a big (20-30%) price band. In general countries that could pay more or had few patients were higher priced.

3. The US market has generally supported a much higher price. Again Esbriet (since I'm well familiar with) had a price over 2x that of the highest initial European price and in some cases > 3x! Not only that but the launch was much more rapid (and most the current sales) are from the US!


On reimbursement

Yes it is very complex often dealing with government bodies and time consuming negotiations which furthers my point about (lack of) competent management. Who do they have do it someone with experience? Someone who understands the process? How about someone doing IR!


Its ridiculous what happened in Germany! ITMN started there and had minimal restrictions. The price is renegotiated at set times what does OUR company do? Wait 2 years to launch get extreme restrictions on number of patients and doses and then what will happen if they need to renegotiate according to German Law!


On Chess

I like to play chess. Clinuvel is an investment for me not a game of chess, when investing I seek to maximize returns. Maximizing Revenue/Net Income is one facet of OUR companies valuation and management has not done a good job here! Q over Q sales decline early in a drug launch is not a good sign (here we have the fallback of bad management to blame so there is hope for recovery and much more EU sales growth). Also there is an issue of future competition (whether through other products or while unlikely generics when Orphan Exclusivity expires) not to mention the time value of money so there should be a sense of urgency!


On Sharescene

Yes I am well aware of the board. It has some good posting/content and a LOT of noise.


Clinuvel is not my first biotech investment. PW would rank on the lower end of CEO's of Bio's I've owned. Yes he did get Scenesse approved to his credit. However management doesn't seem capable to run proper trials, negotiate reimbursement/treatment duration, hire capable people, prepare BEFORE hand for launch/REMS/reimbursement... I especially dislike his lack of transparency to shareholders in the ruse of competitive advantage! Other companies are much more transparent with much greater competition! And some astute Sharescene posters find things our company should disclose and doesn't! "UNQUOTE

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Price query!


Strange that no one on this board noticed it before, that it wasn't published here, that's to say I can't find anything about this subject here on this board. Perhaps I overlooked one another!






P.S. slowly but steadily the SP is going down, finding a new support-level!

In my believe after the new support-level has been found She will be kept there, minimal for the coming two weeks. A few days before the AGM the doors will be opened again

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That's not exactly what I ment! In principal every boardmember got of course notice of that, will find the email in his inbox, that's out of the question..


I'm used to the fact that normaly spoken all Clinuvel's messages are published here on this board without any exception, also messages like this one! and suddenly it has stopped. I find it strange that it has stopped so over sudden!

In practice as we all know lots don't start the day reading their emails first, no they are a. first interested in what their investment is doing, what the SP is doing and secondly they read the comments on the Board, knowing that all news will be printed there!


For instance myself, I'm not be able to trade CUV! When I wake up here in Holland there are 2 things going through my mind, 1. What's CUV's SP doing overseas and secondly is there news form the front. There's the Board for! So normaly spoken I don't have to rely on my emails anymore, The Board already keeps us normaly spoken here in Europe als well in the US updated!


So that's not the case always anymore!

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Really, when are you going to stop your continual dutch blabber, remember Clinuvel an Australian company, it was supported by Australians probably before you had any idea. They will also decide when to list on the yank market when it suits them. Stop giving penquins a bad name.
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