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By june / july 2017 clinuvel should have 10 or so ( give or take )countrys online in europe.

Roughly thats 12million or so per quarter .

Im not going to do the calculations now , let the smarter guys do that .

Anticipation of fda approval ( likely ) will throw us into speculation ontop of that. Speculation ,always will drive the sp higher than what is fair value .

Mid 2017 its going to be a wild ride... the day traders and speculators will show up on our forum posting etc etc

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I think in EURO's Minimal AUS $14,43 that's EUR 10 ! :graduated:


The SP has started his run up again. First hurtle $9.19, the old high. That's to say if there is no news from the front expected! With good news the $10 is in sight.


Deep inside me someone tell's me that the SP of CUV could end up somewhat between the $20 - $30 later this year.


That's to say when the sail figures out of Europe are good, that the FDA will grant eventually a short cut for Afamelanotide

and Clinuvel's "Vitiligo programm" is doing very well in India and the USA.


I'm very pleased with the remark of PW that he tries to reach the finish line all alone, that he is not thinking of partnering for the moment.

For now it's in the best interest for Clinuvel and his shareholders that Clinuvel first put herself on the Roadmap!

Eventually he has to find a partner, the distribution of Scenesse will be to complex in time, he knows that damn well but it's not an issue right now!

It wouldn't be very smart. I appreciate his point of view.


The longer PW can put "This" on hold, the more the Market get noticed what Clinuvel has to offer, the more the Market realises herself what the real value of this Company will be,

a much higher price will come out.


Personal I believe that Clinuvel (PW) gets into contact with a business partner in the near future, that she don't sees herself as a take-over target, I don't think PW let himself in with that right now!

Perhaps if they offer a take-over bid far over $100 a share, it's time to think about it but that's not realistic right now.


With a Partner their research programms are also secured. It all depends on how well Scenesse is doing on the European Market right now.

Why? There is more at stake then we all might be thinking!


PW and his Team has worked more then a decade to come this far. There ain't many upcoming biotech companies who reach that goal!


I'm quite convinced that as soon as the Market get convinced that Scenesse will be granted for Vitiligo, Clinuvel will join herself among the great of the Earth.


Clinuvel knows damn well that she has a bright Future.


I agree with this last remark of myself. :biggrin:

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