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Hi everybody, u may know me from such places as stockhouse.com.au or OZESTOCK,lol

EPT, well what can i say, X ray, if your here, great tip, waiting for EPT to fall to 57c before i really buy in big, anyone got any thoughts on EPT, short term.

Long term if everything works out ok, and it will, EPT $5+. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/king.gif

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Crassus - so they let you in eh? Yeah I passively watched your bleetings on Ozestock. I suggest if you have nothing of any value to add to a site - DON'T POST.


Everyone is welcome, what happened in the past is just that... the past.


Then again if they repeat past actions on Asxboard.com... they won't last long.



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Now that I'm getting used to asxboard it seems better than ozestock. Just need more people to start posting here. Epitan seems to be holding at 63, 64c even on really low volume.


stainless said below:


Using a 20% discount rate on future royalty cash flows and a conservative market penetration rate, our base case valuation of Epitan is 61-63 cents per share. However using a lower discount rate (15%) and more optomistic market penetration assumptions - assumptions the market is likely to use closer to commercialisation - Epitan is valued at $2.44 to $2.83 per share.


And that was before the Phase II results were officially announced, so really it should be a little higher.


I think it can only go up from here.

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New Patents: Weight Loss Pill (Wink Wink)


See press release below, EPT getting alot of coverage in the U.S. On www.wsbtv.com




Better Body from a Pill?

Synthetic Hormone Praised, Questioned

Diana Davis, Health Reporter


POSTED: 11:42 AM EST December 16, 2003

UPDATED: 2:33 PM EST December 16, 2003


ATLANTA -- Skin cancer researchers have stumbled upon a pill that can make its users tan, sexy and thin but the so-called Barbie pill, which is still in the experimental stage, is raising concern in some quarters from those who say the quest for perfection could send the wrong message.



The synthetic hormone, known as Melanotan, has been put on the pharmaceutical fast track because of the promise that it holds. In clinical trials, the pill suppressed the tester's appetite, boosted their sex drive and tanned their skin.



More Resources

Video on Demand: Diana Davis reports

POLL: Pop a Pill? Vote!

wsbtv.com Health Page

Robert Dorr Bio






Researchers tout the pill as a groundbreaking finding.


"I would say we've hit upon a very important discovery," said Dr. Mac Hadley, one of the researchers who has been involved in the effort. "A great hope for mankind."


Others outside the medical laboratory are not as convinced.


"I would say you're nuts," one woman said.


"I doubt it would work," said another skeptic.


Scientists at the University of Arizona aim to prove the doubters wrong.


"You could theoretically get tanned and have a lot of erectile activity and you might actually start to lose weight," said Dr. Robert Dorr, a researcher at the school who has been involved in the effort to create the pill.



The reported results from the Barbie Drug have grabbed headlines but it resulted from serious work. Skin cancer researchers decided to test a hormone called Melanotan II in a group of men. The scientists hoped to create a natural tan for users without benefit of sunlight. In addition to the glowing skin, scientists stumbled on a surprising side effect.


"After about 10 days of taking Melanotan II, I lost about 10 pounds," said Hadley, who joined the clinical trial after the testers began reporting promising results.


There have been other side effects.


"We know that it causes short term feelings of fullness or nausea," Dorr said.


The hormone also triggers immediate sexual benefits.


Said Dorr: "Even at the very low starting dose, every subject had an erection."


Several pharmaceutical companies are developing customized drugs based on Melanotan II although each firm is focusing on different aspects of the drug's benefits.


An Australian biotechnology company, known as EpiTan, is working to produce its own version of the drug. The company is developing its pill to target those who want tans but don't want the dangerous side effects that can come from the sun's UV rays.


"It is a total duplicate of the normal tanning process in humans except that it occurs without sunlight," said Terry Winters, a spokesman for the company.


U.S. researchers are also trying to formulate a nasal spray, known as PT 141, which would boost the sex drive of men and women.


"When we give it to humans it produces blood flow into the genitalia," said Carl Spana, spokesman for Palatin Technologies, the company that is formulating the drug.


If the drugs make it to market they will be marketed for a specific use. But researchers say it's a win-win situation for patients.


If you take it as a sexual enhancer it would also cause tanning if you used it frequently," Dorr said. "And it would have the weight loss potential."


And yet, some have raised questions about the pill.


Dr. Monica Ramirez, a psychologist and author of "Never Good Enough" says she sees the benefits but she worries about the psychological problems the drug could foster.



"Any pill that can help people lose weight, get a tan and improve their sex life has got to be a winner for a lot of people," Ramirez said. "It just raises the bar so now everybody is expected to be thin enough, beautiful enough and sexy enough.


"And it just creates a whole new way to feel like a failure," she said.


Despite those worries, many people say the Barbie drug is something they would seriously consider taking.


"Sure I'd take it," one man said.


"I think it's a great pill," one woman said.


Work is ongoing to devise a similar pill that targets weight loss but it is still in its initial stages. EpiTan has completed the second phase of clinical trials in Australia and the company expects to ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to allow it to start trials in the U.S. by the middle of next year.


PT-141, the sexual enhancement drug, has completed two phases of clinical trials in the U.S. already.

Copyright 2003 by WSBTV.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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welcome to asxboard, its gaining popularity. Can I suggest you hit the "Track this Topic" button above right, you will then be notified by email of any new posts, very cool!!


ept is still cheap, traders are out, might see some slow share price growth over next 2 months leading up to next ann. Can't see it falling below 0.60 now, time to buy more imho.


good luck to holders


cheers stainless http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/goatee.gif

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