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In reply to: stoss69 on Saturday 26/02/05 07:24pm

HI , stoss69 sounds like you have a plan witch is the only way to make $$ not buy hold &

hope, mate im not into reports , tv, or even the paper the charts is all i look at and atm

for me its not a buy i would rather pay a extra .50 cents a share knowing the pice is going

north and not south


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In reply to: dory on Sunday 27/02/05 08:44am

It would be interesting to find out if Epitan commissioned Midas to do the report.If so whether the annaylst has a holding of Epitan.


Does he /she have to publicly announce that they have a holding when doing a research report?

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In reply to: wiland on Sunday 27/02/05 12:09pm

Nor MIDAS Research GmbH neither persons related to MIDAS Research GmbH who have been involved in preparing and distributing this
publication hold participations in accordance with Paragraph 5 Clause 3 No.1 FinAnV or have other significant financial interests in accordance
with Paragraph 5 Clause 3 No.2e FinAnV in or with respect to EpiTan Ltd.
This publication has been commissioned by MC Services AG.
This publication has been reviewed by EpiTan Ltd. prior to publication which has led to some minor factual adjustments not affecting valuation
and recommendation.


This is the disclaimer at the bottom of the report

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In reply to: WHISTLER7 on Monday 28/02/05 02:12pm

Thats got to be a good indicator for us.He is the man that will take this company forward as Millen was in a comfort zone and now we have a confident man at the helm that want's to and will be a rich man.


Agree .. and if anyone has a feel for trial results etc ... it will be him.,

Have perked up with this one now

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