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I just now notice that Retrophin gained $0.06 up 0.63% yesterday. The Nasdaq lost 37 points.


Some optimism in the large CUV holder perhaps.


I also see the recent reference to my pet Sulphur Crested Coctatoo has suddenly disappeared. I took no offence to the shortened name. A common term/name for this particular raucous and pesky bird.


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EMA feeds from today's meeting are already being posted.




Of course as usual, Clinuvel's decision will be made the last minute of the last day. The company will be informed prior to the posting so you can watch both the Clinuvel web site and link above. It should be announced within the next few hours.


Keep your fingers crossed.

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My apologies but in looking through them I am not certain those feeds are coming directly from the CHMP meeting as they appear to be on a variety of topics not associated with the agenda.


There is no question that the company is provided the decision ahead of any public announcement by EMA. More than likely we will have an announcement by CUV prior to the opening of ASX trading on Friday morning.


When looked at rationally and objectively everything points to a conditional approval. However, I'm bracing for it to go the other way as well as nothing has ever been straightforward concerning this company.

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