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In reply to: Rosewood on Sunday 15/06/08 08:24am

Rosewood, thanks for your posts, you are kind of the voice of this CUV forum. I will indeavour to contact this lot again tomorrow (from Japan). Mind you, last time I was put on hold and had to hang up. They have hides thicker than rhinos and really don't seem to care.


I find the whole thing very disappointing. I think the product has huge potential, unfortunately the management team seems more interested in BS-ing to its shareholders. As much as I'd like to hold on, I'm seriously thinking of following Console. Are you planning on holding your stock or are you bailing like so many others?

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QUOTE (johnnytech @ Sunday 15/06/08 04:50pm)



Thanks. Right now I am holding just because .34 is not a fair market value for this technology.


We're kind of in a trading limbo. It's not a good idea to sell at .34 but it's (IMO) not a great idea to buy at .34 if Wolgen is just continuing this game - publishing new benchmarks every quarter that get pushed back 6 more months every quarter. I made my last purchase last September as I picked up on this stuff long ago.


I would sell more shares (not all) if the price was about .50.


If the IND keeps getting pushed back and if the Phase III EPP Northern Hemisphere start keeps getting pushed back, then there are no value drivers in the near future - and that could be months. The interim results may go well into 2009 before being published.


There is a chance of a patent announcement, and maybe they will announce their 2nd generation version and the new brand name for the drug, but there's no telling when.


It will be another 3 months at least before the global markets start to turn around, probably closer to 6 months. That too will keep the share price down barring a series of positive announcements.


If you look at what this management team has accomplished in the past 12 months, it is really lame.


They have really fallen short of THEIR OWN expectations - not just ours. I would love to see a mass of buyers come into this thing, but I have to be completely honest here - this management team is not worthy of any new shareholders until they prove they can reach their benchmarks. There are better buys out there right now.

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QUOTE (jason34788 @ Sunday 15/06/08 08:54am)

I can tell you all categorically that the TDT trials were ceased because of concerns RE abuse. It was not seen as an appropriate method of self medication. CUV had very good advice that regulatory authorities would have NEVER approved the delivery method.


As far as 1647 is concerned it is SAFE and it WORKS, much better than any of you could imagine. I have had an implant injected at RPA, this drug will take the world by storm.

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In reply to: woteva on Monday 16/06/08 02:58pm

That is more along the lines of what I want to hear.


I stand to loose a small fortune should this go belly up - something I was prepared to risk before entering, but not something I cherish the thought of all the same.


I am holding.

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In reply to: woteva on Monday 16/06/08 12:58am

You had mentioned before your positive experience with CUV 1647. Today, CUV closed at 36 cents, up 1.5,

but volume was only 90, 400+. Haven't seen any of your posts for some time, but welcome back, and I also

was pleased to see your usual objective comments. We've had an avalanche of negative posts this past week. Like woteva, I still believe in Clinuvel. All we need is one good positive announcement, like the

anticipated FDA approval in September. I also understand why so many are getting not only very impatient

but also very anxious. I, too, would lose a lot of money if CUV tanks, and at the age of 72, it would just

about wipe out my remaining assets. I have a total of 616,000 shares in CLVLV. So bon courage, mes amis.


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The closest we came to folding was when the company needed cash a few years ago ... we had only 4mill or so in the bank and the sharemarket was down.I think it was mariner who come to the rescue.

That will never happen again with all the cash they have now.

I would assume the directors would be disappointed watching their options expire over the years while the company advances through the phases.

If we can get fda approval,patents approval and positive ph3 prelim over the coming months then you can say theres a good chance the biggest drug in the world will be coming to the shelves!

just get this thing on the market for epp then cancel all other trials http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif

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QUOTE (ezinameriadu @ Monday 16/06/08 05:59pm)

Mate I am the first to admit that I made a really bad call RE CUV when it was above $1. I expected it to pull back to the high .80's and then take-off to new all-time highs. How wrong was I!


I hate to say it(for a couple of reasons), but I bailed out when it broke support in the low .80's and have only recently bought back in the low.30's. The second time, at virtually exactly the same price levels, that I have done this since originally buying back in '02.(who says history never repeats).


Anyhow I am a little biased toward this stock due to personal experience. Apart from the minimal side effects experienced during the early years of trialing( facial flushing etc), when the only way to administer the drug was via needle, there have virtually been ZERO side effects since. I believe that to be an exceptionally high degree of safety that has thus far been proven and the chances that there will be any from here on is virtually nil.


The efficacy of 1647 is beyond doubt. The drug on the surface does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do and it does it far better than earlier researchers thought it would ever do, thus dosage levels have been reduced/revised dramatically downward from earlier levels.


Now all that is left to prove is, does this drug help sufferers of the current indications?



If it does, then 1647 is a no brainer, NO drug authority will have ANY excuse to deny approval under ANY circumstance!



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In reply to: woteva on Monday 16/06/08 05:38pm


Aside from the completion of trials, the US ADRs would spike tremendously on simply the right press (again, here in the USA)


I've seen far less promising companies on the pink sheets create fortunes on mere speculation. Hell, if someone can ramp a completely worthless investment on the pump boards, surely a company with real prospects could generate considerable interest. Despite our seemingly endless journey, there's still plenty good to say about CUV



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