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Small long o/n in a few things but didn't get set for the bulk longs. Was no dip in the SPI and the range actually held roughly for the spi ... that is the 3460. low yesterday briefly below but was not convincing and rallied to close well above the support.


Missed out on the SPI but got the AUD and had a small bond long.

Not too broken up about missing the SPI ... as it will be the hardest work to break new highs. Better results off the bonds and ozzie.

SPI back up on US market rally but really wasn't anything to write home about.


Bond rally again has me scrating my head. Headline number was bad. But ex food and energy looked ok adding the case for only a 0.25% rise. Not sure they are correct in this one ... they can choose to ignore oil all they like but the price despite OPEC efforts has failed to fall out of bed and still sits at USD $37- .... so price may be here to stay and has yet to perculate back into other products as producers seem to be eating some of the cost at this stage in the US.


Still looking for the SPI to test new highs in coming weeks but today again in nowhere land for the SPI.


Maybe even a fail today for the SPI after an initial test higher.


Bonds had there biggest up day for a long time. The old 90/20 range is still intact for the bonds and with the bonds trading above 94.11 have taken profits from the long and shall sit sq for the mom. See how it behaves up around the 94.17/20 level.


AUD as well again had a half hearted dip to just above my 6800 level but was never going to go thru. Rally on the back of the US numbers gave a good opportunity to flick longs back out near the 70 cent mark. Again range still locked in the 6800/7100 range with us now sitting in the middle. Stay sq and just play the range.


SPI as a risk return here not inspiring. All time high of 3512 is the very top for now and the support 3455/60 is the low. Trading around the 3480 level puts us nearly in the middle of things. As a day trade today would favour the short side on a decent rally early on. If we don't see any buying early on maybe a day just to sit on your hands with the support around 3455/60 in mind.


Good luck

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Ho hum


June SPI went out today.


Market for Sept sitting not too far away from all time highs.

Really uninspiring today. Do we break higher. They just love selling it any chance they get.

Have a small long but not inspired and shall take the small profit and run. Could go either way today and risk reward sucks. You expect it to go eventually higher but not by too much.


Bigger picture I would like Sept SPI to go to 3528/38 level to sell and close my eyes.

Big picture is support 3455/60 and a tuff time going up thru 3512/20 then 25/30.

For today take the money and go hit some golf balls.


Bonds as expected had a bit of sense come back overnight but again nothing to suggest around here. Big picture 93.90/94.20 ish. Feels a bit bid on our side and with RBA expected to do nothing for a long time maybe they eventually have a go at the top. US bond traders like deer caught in headlights waiting for the US fed to act. They seem convinced after uncle Alan's talk of ony a 0.25% rise. Again sit on my hands here till I like something.


Now the AUD. Spot after rally the other day petered out and we are sitting in the lower end of the range. The big picture was a 0.6800/0.7100 range for the spot. The had a go half heartedly at the top not so long ago and failed. Again a few days ago they had a go at the bottom with the spot almost touching the 0.6800. The bounce as such back to near 70 cents has me less than convinced and expect the range to be tested and broken on the bottom but not for any length of time. Suggest buying below 0.6750 might be a go with a stop below 0.6700.


Gotta go, as I typed this they have had a push up in the SPI, time to sell and just square up. When you think the rally peters out 10/20 points higher not any reason to still be long other than being greedy.

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Yet another new high.


Market playing with the very top end of my range for the SPI. Was expecting it to top out in the 3528/38 range. Market right now looks and feels bid. probally the best time to sell and close my eyes.


Offshore US market is having a real problem going higher with the concerns regarding cost of the "war" weighing on the market.


Waiting today for the rally to peter out. Always was going to go up today so was an easy buy on the open but where to sell and where to take on a long term short is the question.

Worried of the risk that the US market finally shakes off the blues and actually has a rally.

On that basis not going to give to much away on the stop loss side when shorting.

As for today seems around here a good time to take the money and run. Again may be a late rally day and squeeze like yesterday. Yesterday sold the longs too early but not at all happy being long in an overbought market I think will top out.


Shall square my longs sometime soon but market still just creeping up and shall wait for a break on the upside to sell them.


Bonds felt bid yesterday and today we see them butting the top of the range. Flet yesterday they wanted to break the top and not too sure where they eventually stop.

Waiting for a level up around 94.27/30 to sell.


AUD still in the 6800/7100 range but the danger is the bottom. Feel we actually break this and try lower but fail. Still looking to buy below 0.6750 with a stop if it breaks 0.6700.


May also put a small short in the SPI on when I sq the longs in the next 15 mins. Just can't resist.


Good luck


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Wow what a difference a day makes.


Have gone long SPI on the open. TLS announcement has the shares up over 3% and would expect them to be supported. On top of this good day for the miners and BHP up in NY by a long way means little chance of us going down.


Our performance over the last week on the ASX 200 has been stellar and with today's rise we are standing out as a leader. That being said I am still lokking for a level to go short medium term for a pullback. BHP and TLS have thrown my highs out the window. The 3528/38 level was where I thought we stopped before TLS announcement but that alone will add about 10 points to the top. Look to square up and get that long awaited short on around the 3545/55 level this morning.


Got set in the AUD friday night around the US trade numbers just above 0.6815 in the spot.

No way in the world the USD was going to go up on the back of another set of shocking numbers. Interesting they tested the 6800 support and got it just below but yet again it holds. Not looking for too much of a rally but somewhere over 70 cents would be nice. Stop below 0.6785 ... if we go there all bets are off.


Bonds also failed above the 94.20 level .... my original range was 90/20 but felt maybe they had a spurt above 94.25 maybe even 94.31. Missed the boat if that was the high and shall not chase it down from here. Suspect we may get another bite later in the week with all the fun and games out of the USA.


Good luck ... SPI is there now

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Couldn't find a futures thread, thought I might start one.


Wondering whether you'ld like to share some info?


Are their any free sites for viewing live Futures?


If not , what are the pay for view options?


Any online Brokers?


Thanks in advance,




cheers, stainless

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No free live prices to my knowledge for SFE futures.


Cost for live Iress thru brokers AUD$150- per month or if you are a big trader they throw it in free. By big 50 plus contracts a day. Includes live SFE futures/Options and depth as well as live ASX prices Indexes and depth.


Best two on line brokers


Broker One (02) 8272 7803


L Quay (02) 9247 6852


you get to enter your own orders and gives running session P/L


Accounts daily via email as well as monthly summary


Brokerage per contract varies depending on the volume you are doing. Without a relationship with the broker it will start high but as time goes on should fall as you can wrangle for a much better rate.


Have a look at their web sites









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