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How to look at depth


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Thanks Toilet, yep thats just like mine. I must admit I wasnt worrying, I had optimistically assumed it was a u buyer with a phenominally high$$$ order in for those shares, so high that they received special treatment over and above that of the normal u buyer, allowing them to be invisible lol http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif , and I was hoping someone could confirm this for me, but alas it is just the ghosts of comsec!!!


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I'm trialling a new package from Iguana2 called Vamp that has really allowed me to have a much greater insight into the depth on both the buy and sell side. Essentially Vamp is a market information website that provides information in real time. It's a single page (yay!), but on that page the creators have managed to put in a heap of information, and all in an easy to track format.


Oh dear, I sound like I'm spruiking for the company....but I'm not, I'm just sold on it after my short trial. I'm not connected to Iguana2 in any fashion apart from trialing Vamp.


Essentially Vamp is cut up into two main frames. On the left side is a couple of scroll down bars that link the frame to Watchlists, Top 25 major rises/major falls/by volume/by turnover/falls/rises plus an indicies and global button that allow you to use the frame to track what's happening on overseas indexes at a glance.


On the right is where you can track information for particular stocks: the info here is split into depths and trades/depth/trades/course/news/charts/fundamental.


The beauty of this is is that as market conditions change, you are made fully aware of this through the use of a bar chart that indicates depth on both sides, and also through the changing colour in the volume column, that shows if the volume of the bid has changed since you last refreshed.


Today, for instance, with Heron Resources, I was able to watch as the T + 3 traders pulled their bids from the queue and dumped them on market: it started as a trickle, and ended up a steady flow that saw the price drop reasonably substantially in the last 20 minutes of trade. In actual fact I was able to predict it was going to happen from the depth and the way the trades were going.


With Vamp it is also easy to see some forms of stock manipulation: a dummy bid initially low down in the pecking order that is in danger of being filled is normally pulled back to its owners intended place in the pecking order. With Vamp it is easy to track this by seeing the changing colour of the bid since you last refreshed.


Anyway: I don't know when Vamp will be offered to the open market, but look out for it. It has really upped my ability to analyse depth, and is far superior to any program I've tried so far.



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