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This company is releasing its IPO soon just wondering if ppl have any ideas on it ?


14 June 2004 - Strike Oil launches IPO



# Established independent explorer with proven track record of returns to shareholders

# Successfully operating in Australian oil and gas sector since 1997

# High equity position in drilling targets in Australia's most productive areas: Carnarvon

and Cooper/Eromanga basins

# Three significant offshore wells scheduled for drilling September to November 2004 with

further six wells and major seismic acquisition program over next two years

# Potential for rapid commercialisation of oil discoveries through application of advanced

exploration and production skills and technology

# Focus areas with low offshore and onshore drilling and development costs

# Strong balance sheet, access to proven technology, highly experienced in-house

commercial and technical team

# Offer of 60 million Shares at $0.20 per share representing 42% of issued capital


More Details in the PDF file


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In reply to: toilet on Wednesday 23/06/04 08:43pm

Toilet bought a small parcel today just to have a finger in the pie hopefully with a view to purchasing some more at a lower level. Impressive management and like the upcoming drill program commencing next month. Looking at it as a short term play over a couple of months.

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In reply to: mme on Saturday 11/09/04 10:12am

Hi mme, so you reckon there is massive upside from 27 cents? I am thinking about buying on the dip on Monday.


I don't know much about oil company, but got a sniff that this may do very well short term (at least well above 30 cents by Oct?)



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In reply to: crowman28 on Saturday 11/09/04 11:45am

Crowman28 I don't know about a massive upside but it does have potential with it's upcoming drill program in W.A. Management is very good too. All I suggest is for people to have a look at the website and recent prospectus. Seek pro advice before buying.

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In reply to: mme on Monday 13/09/04 10:35am

Hi mme, may be the hype is caused by OEX last week perhaps?


I noticed there is not much interest today. The presentations look great, fully cashed up at $16m. The options are issued at significantly higher prices.


Might be worth a short term punt.



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