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Looks like someone accidently put a large order thru "at market" by mistake? At 11am all buy orders filled down to $21. Just curious if these trades will be honored or reversed? Anyone get a stopp triggered or a bonus buy at a cheap price? Dropped the index down 45 pts for a nano second as well.
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In reply to: Boots on Thursday 13/12/07 11:52am

I noticed the 8.6c trades too ... started calculating that if I'd been watching and quick enough I could have been a millionare in a minute.


I've been trying to find out what happened too.




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Coming from the WYL discussion, I had another look at ORI.

Weekly chart looks set to attack the falling resistance line; combined with rising MACD Divergence, a counter trend trade perhaps?

Zooming in on the Daily chart, we get a similar MACD Divergence, as well as a suggestion that a breakout might be imminent - if not immediately, then possibly after a retracement back to $13?

Not on yet, but watching...



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Also bet there a few peeved shareholders out there who fronted up with $22.50 not that long ago as part of a capital raising


Even that was heavily discounted from $26 odd so heaps of shareholder value has gone


Leibelt says they will make more this year than last so can't be too bad


Always wondered why they had to raise $900m and at the same time demerge the paint part ... why not just sell the paint part t one of the many willing buyers (so rumour has it) .... and i wonder what they have done with the $800m .... hasn't been any acquisitions ... hope they haven't squandered it

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