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Novita Healthcare Limited (NHL, formerly Avexa Limited) ...

is a Melbourne-based medical technology company which focuses innovation, development and commercialisation of healthcare technologies. Novita Healthcare's first major project is the TALI system, which uses cutting edge technology to treat and monitor cognitive problems such as attention difficulties in early childhood.


TALi TRAIN uses proprietary algorithms inside a game-based learning application to improve core attention skills in early childhood (talihealth.com)


- thought I'd seen this before. Now, where was I?

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Impressive further jump today ... 50% to 9c


ââ€âہ“ª FDA cleared digital therapeutic TALi Train (digital attention treatment program) to be delivered via U.S. Reimbursement Code system

ââ€âہ“ª TALi Detect and TALi Train able to begin to report using CPT codes - a significant development for company growth

ââ€âہ“ª TALi Train to be a complimentary or alternate option for those requiring attention testing and training with more than 8 million children in the USA currently diagnosed with ADHD and/or ASD1

ââ€âہ“ª Potential partner and insurer discussions progressing well with an accelerated timeline now in place

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