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In reply to: remlif on Saturday 04/12/04 10:25am

thanks remlif


unfortunately bought at 1.34 not long ago


had my finger on the sell around 1.25,but with it rallying to 1.29


thought my troubles were over


not to worry ,all part and parcel of the game


still holding





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What about WHS taking them over. They have a market cap of $1billion compared to millers around $250mill? I've heard of consolidation in the discount chain. This would stop the discounting wars between the two. Millers really is looking real cheap at that market cap. Buy now and walk away for 2 years and I bet the share price will be a lot higher than it is now. Buy when everyone is selling I was told. I bought more at these levels and will buy more when I get some spare cash. Heres hoping anyone. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
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Profit warning out, dividends cut.


Worrying considering this is coming during a period when retail spending through the roof.


Near term recovery, if they manage one at all, looks increasingly unlikely.

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