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In reply to: JMH03 on Friday 27/01/06 02:10pm

boom time stuff really


company has a p/e thats justified given its 50-75% growth rate!!


keeps rolling along nicely


looking to break $6 technically soon, short of a general market correction



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In reply to: samson on Tuesday 14/02/06 08:02pm

nothing going on, market has been hammered lately and a lot of stocks that have peaked are coming down fast


i pity that i hold a lot of MND, this stock is going places


previous guidance was strong profit growth, its p/e is 25 historical, and around 16.6 forecast (Aspect huntley)



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It was announced today that MND Chairman Calogero Rubino has dumped half his holding of 8m shares. Cashed in for a tidy $22.8m. He now ceases to be a 'substantial shareholder'.


Robert Velletri (a ned) also has recently sold 22% of his holding.



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