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There are still some more cockroaches to come out from under the fridge. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/mad.gif


The highly unethical "millionaires club" will be sorted out and there could be legal problems here regarding disclosure IMO.


This is not corporate envy.....we'll here more.

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Cheer up! Hear is the good news we all have been waiting for...


Aussie bank's subprime exposure 'minimal':


S&P Credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor's, believes the exposure of rated Australian banks to the US's subprime mortgage crisis will be minimal. "While the market value of assets of a unit trust managed by Macquarie Bank group has been adversely affected by the price volatility in the US credit markets, Macquarie Bank does not, at this time, appear liable for any losses incurred by unit holders."


Macquarie Bank's A/Stable/A-1 ratings remained unchanged despite exposure to the crisis via a unit trust subsidiary. The agency did not think the bank would inject funds to recompense such losses, and that Macquarie Bank's own direct exposure to US subprime asset-backed securities was thought to be "less than significant relative to the bank's asset book and earnings".


In other words: No effect on the bottom line. So MBL just got a 25% haircut for nothing!



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In reply to: wolverine on Monday 06/08/07 09:29pm

hiya wolver,don't feel bad ,i started to buy into mbl,bnb,mfs and added some more tpi today so their bound to tank more for sure.

I keep poking my head up and get it shot but it can't last forever and still have plenty of ammo in the account,cheers mrbear

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In reply to: mrbear on Monday 06/08/07 09:53pm

hi mrbear


who me feel bad??


Mr Makers Mark is keeping me company tonite (yep a whole half nip).


too early on my behalf and that's annoying but i am fairly confident in the outlook to Xmas.


i have a little less ammo than the canny bear.

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