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In reply to: topic-starter on Tuesday 22/06/04 05:33pm

Anyone interested in this one, I traded it last year from 19c to 45c at which time i thought it was ahead of itself.


It has pulled back nicely, and i am looking to re-enter.


RED project moving forward nicely as far as i can see, plus a recent announcement of a rich globally significant NIOBIUM deposit.


Any takers, or alternate views http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif

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No takers ...................... thats a shame talking to myself again................ this is becoming

too much of a regualr event.


Maybe i am on the wrong chat forum http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif

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In reply to: Barrios on Wednesday 03/11/04 06:30pm

Hello, hello, hello, is anybody out there? just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone out there? (Pink Floyders would recognise the lyrics )


Sorry Barrios, but being pretty much A TAer I see little to get excited about atm, the retracement of trend was a bit to far for my liking, no where near breaking down trend line as yet, and trading below 30 week ema. So for my trading approach not a contender as yet,.... now you watch it pop its cork tommorrow to make a bunny out of me http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif




PS keep us informed http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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Oh what the heck,


The kids are asleep and there's not much to watch on the tele - so I'll join the crowd to keep Barrios company.


LYC slumped over the last year when RIO succesfully sank LYC's attempt to buy a part interest in one of RIO's prize iron ore deposits. I really don't have any idea on LYC's chances of making Mt Weld go as a viable rare earth project, which is now it's only real asset.


Rare earth deposits are bloody difficult things to beneficiate, and they are not actually that rare - there are dozens of significant rare earth deposits around the world. Likewise for niobium.


LYC's chances will depend largely on the LYC management, and their ability to manage a VERY tricky refining process, as well as juggle good relations with the Chinese (tricky) and also their ability to stitch up secure offtake agreements.


If anybody knows the pedigree of the LYC team it might be nice to hear your input.



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Thanks for the responses guys..................


BSA....... yeah not for the chartist yet, well off the radar, i am looking to re-enter before it gets within radar range.


Happy .......... you always surprise me with your extensive knowledge...


I do disagree that the Iron Ore deal had much impact at all in the last run, the run began prior to any mention of the iron Ore deal (infact that came out of left field), it began in May03 when some progress on the Mt Weld project was finally happening, it wasnt till late Sep when the channar Iron Ore investment was announced. At that stage it was almost at its high, so unless there had been insider trading going on for months, i certainly only traded it based on charts and some FA knowledge.


I also felt that the retrace had little to do with the iron Ore, more the lack of progress on the RED project, and yes i know the rare earths are difficult to extract. But they do have some operating experience in China via directors, much has progressed on cutting down the project costs. The chinese have experience in the cracking etc, so although no expert

on them, I do feel progress is steady, and nearing a critical point. Similar in a way to STN

at the moment.


I am always looking for my next opportunity, and having traded it before, i have kept an eye on it, it looks like a bottom around 22-24c to me. With more than a 50/50 chance of the project moving forward, that is the time i usually make my first purchase ready for a potential move. Followed by more agressive purchases as it gets hotter, but i was too early on STN by far (at least its nicely in profit now).


Anyway you guys understand more than my wife, she has got tired of my mindless banter on stocks. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif



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In reply to: happychappy on Thursday 04/11/04 12:14am

LYC --TEAM seems to have changed its pedigree what do you think?

like you said rare earths(or minerals etc) of any kind are not that hard to locate.making a huge profit from them is quite a bit different.my thought is the LYC team can do it.

Now back to the charts

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QUOTE (BSA @ Wednesday 03/11/04 11:13pm)

Sorry Barrios, but being pretty much A TAer I see little to get excited about atm, the retracement of trend was a bit to far for my liking, no where near breaking down trend line as yet, and trading below 30 week ema.


That has all changed now, break of down trend, pull back and retest of break, moving off again, and above 30 week ema, OBV weekly looks healthy.

The chart reflects todays action thus far, with weekly chart shown.




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In reply to: gem on Thursday 25/11/04 09:04am

Hi gem,

The board now looks first rate. Curtis and Stein from SGX and now Talkie Newton and Don Okeby. I hope some of their magic can rub off onto LYC. Their past track record is very good - Hill 50, Abelle, Bluestone Tin, recent control of Metals Ex and now involved with Lyc. I noticed another of the old Hill 50/Abelle/Bluestone team, Peter Cook is also in the lastest top 20. Interesting times ahead. Good luck to all who hold. Cheers John.

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