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If you want to know what I think?............

I am not to impressed that AGM was investing in spekkies and losing sahreholders funds.


Not impressed at all.


That is the sort of thing one does with one's own money http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif not others'! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/thumbdown.gif


That said,...The Takeover panel will make some deliberations. Until they do we are in limbo. But I noticed there are a few who are exiting.



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In reply to: AndrewD01 on Thursday 14/02/08 01:46pm

the takeover panel i imagine will be deliberating so at this stage ZFX have bugger all.


i think a small sweetener will get them there but ZFX can probably afford to be patient and see if AGM self-destruct. those trading losses are worrying. holders would not have been amused that company capital was at risk in this manner.


anyway i am glad i am out for the time being....my money is at work already.

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I sold mine yesterday at $1.045. The shareprice was sub 70cents before the takeover offer, who knows where it would be currently if not for the offer. I'd rather have my money in cash at the moment. I cannot believe management can get away with risking shareholders money by speculative investing. They should be spending their time focused on their company, not others!!!!



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In reply to: The Pro on Friday 15/02/08 01:47am

Present management, especially AHR, are buffoons. I took the opportunity ZFX presented and sold, a while ago. The share dealing fiasco should come as no surprise to shareholders. At least their responses are providing onlookers with amusement.


Good luck ZFX - get the overpaid beards out of there.


Cheers, BC

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