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It is understood Export Development Canada, a state owned credit agency set up to back Canadian companies, is thinking about a $US100 million loan for Lake Resources Kachi Lithium Project.


EDC has signed a formal letter of interest, sources said, which could see it directly lend into the project and charge the OECD Fixed Commercial Interest Reference Rate (which is significantly less than traditional commercial project finance available to lithium developers).


It is the second export credit agency to be pop up at Kachi in the past six weeks. Also on the scene is UK Export Finance, which expressed interest in covering about 70 per cent of Kachi's project funding requirements. (Kachi is expected to cost $US544 million to get into production).


The export credit agencies, should they commit to the project, could help derisk Lake Resources flagship without diluting shareholders equity, and enable the company to head into negotiations for offtake agreements and the like without needing to sell part of the project to fund development..

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Lake buying not drying up, now $2.08. Was under a dollar at start of the month.

Early March, LKE announced that the pilot plant built and tested in USA is being dismantled and shipped on site to Katchi in Argentina.

29 March, non binding offtake signed with Japanese crowd, Hanwa

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The March frenzy to as high as $2.65 in March but this has given way to the tide going out, buyers evaporating, no inflows, etc

LKE was added to the S&P/ASX 300 Index effective 22 March, 2022 but subsequently came in for media and broker criticism. By June

Lake appoints Citi and J.P. Morgan as Joint Coordinators for Proposed Debt Finance of the Kachi Lithium Project
with big licks going through and a drop from $1.65 to close at 97c in just 3 days. The it was announced


Managing Director Steve Promnitz resigned and sold 10.2 million shares @1.29 on 21 June

The AFR had a strong headline on 23/06:

Lithium play tanks 50pc in comical entry into ASX 200

Lake Resources calamitous first week as a top 200 ASX company is yet another demonstration of retail hubris and institutional apathy.

Comment was along the lines of: In the lead up to the ASX 200 index inclusion date , 45 million Lake Resources shares were sold short. Instos were accumulating shares , the made them available to hedge funds for shorting , such was the huge demand. ( Interestingly , the fee to borrow the shares costs about 20 % p.a. ) . One hedge fund shorted the shares purely because the company was big noting itself on Twitter !

And yesterday, a well known hedge fund , J Capital, put out a series of tweets to suggest the technology does not work, the pilot plant not yet on site, and having a go at media releases, along the lines that a non binding MOU to NEGOTIATE an offtake agreement..... is like saying I might meet you for a coffee to discuss buying your car. .



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