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one fat lady

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the best time to get into this share is now as its out of flavour, fundamentally nothing has changed, everyone is just into resources at the moment. I've been topping up for a few weeks now as with any good news coming this will blow up.

check out the chart


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this is the best time I've seen, the rise from 30 to 60 was not announcement driven but demand for the stock when Bio's were the in things.

what you need to understand is that there is hardly any shares issued and what there is is held tightly, so any news or demand and up she goes on small volume.

we had an episode last week where Prue (can't remeber 2nd name) somebody was trading her shares (one of the major share holders, Prue is not employed by PBI) anyway just with her trading she was effecting the SP. very interesting, just follow her trades and your in the money, I'm waffleing on but this company will come good on a slow solid upward trend once it settles, if it sits at this price till friday then this is its bottom. my opinion only. I hold PBI and I'm full to the brim.

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i had a look at the recent announcements and one was a change in substantial holdings notice. it was hand written with numbers crossed out and re written over and could hardly be read. it just looked so unprofessional.


its a small thing i know, and means very little. but the fact that an official notice was faxed to the asx like that and they couldnt even have it typed up so it could be read, just makes me think they're not the most professional company.

im not looking at buying now at this point in time. as i said....its as good as irrelevant...a thing like that. just puts me off for some reason though.


actual company looks very sound however and mention of discussions with distributors or 3rd parties are encouraging.


good luck to holders.

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I have been accumilating as much as I could in the the 30s.


I was happy to accumilate in the mid 40s but thanks to major share holder sell off.

This is an opportunity that is too good to miss.


There isnt alot of shares on issue and the market cap is very low. On an announcement it could race to 60 again in a blink and thats why I rather be in it than miss it at theses levels.


Its only a matter of time and that time shouldnt be too far into the future.

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for a bio stock this is real hot, I've seen the signs of a rise in this stock so many times(and there she goes) that I know its about to happen again. especially if prue starts buying again.


pony boy

did you get into BQT, I got in at 22c and can only see it going further after this consilodation? finally a prediction has come to fruitation!!!!!!!

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