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In reply to: King Baz on Tuesday 02/08/05 01:55pm

LOOKS LIKE HTW is getting worried about the potential near commercialisation of VCR.

HTW is years away, only just started calf trials so human trials wont start till at least 2006 and may take years, however it looks like VCR is on track to finish trials next year.

Lots for HTW to worry about.

Now, if I were sued, I think I would also counter sue to try to defend myself, wonder who is acting for them is a law firm mentioned?

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In reply to: fredick on Tuesday 02/08/05 02:11pm


I don't think SO. This is not a disaster for VCR. You are only getting one side of the story. There is always the other side as well.


They start clinical trials in FY06 when do you think they will be selling their product .....i don't think it will be in FY07......they haven't begun to factor in all the red tape that needs to be catered for......FY08...if there lucky....



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IMHO I think it may go down a bit further until a reply is made by VCR. Having read HTW's defence it reads very well but I think they have pulled all the straws out, and are having their big shot. If it fails say goodnight HTW.


Some of the legal jargon is above me but IMO trying to monopolise the market through a patent is I thought the whole reason for a patent (they have hinted it is an illegal patent -to be tested).


Big loss today but as I have stated before they are in my bottom drawer for one day when they are worth a lot. Hang in there




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In reply to: savtin on Tuesday 02/08/05 02:27pm

Fredrick go read the HTW last ann. last week, they just started calf trials.

How long do you think that will take?

Then they have to round up hospitals for human trials before they start, if animal trials are successful.

Then this should take at least 2 years

Where do you get 2006?

You are getting vcr confused with HTW

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