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Hi Bunny

Yes that is about the only new thing that this ann. says. Can't see that as being positive news, but the ann seems to have started the days trading off with a spike !

Lets see how she goes though . . .



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In reply to: pescefritte on Wednesday 20/07/05 09:50am

All stocks are trading stocks


I think there are some "investors" involved in VCR though, taking long term positions. Perhaps half the trades on the high volume, strong days ... judging by the on balance volume, which is rising and has been for awhile, people are taking positions with future in mind ie not selling and taking profits.


Wiser to trade it though for now (provided you get it right)


It did the instant reversal thing, very nice, right on the support line, I was going to draw a chart last night but fell asleep. zzz


It is making another push for 1.53 lets hope this thing can PUSH THROUGH this time past 1.55 and into the no mans land .... come on VCR bust that resistance. If it can you will see some heavy trading I believe.



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woah this is strong look at the heated market depth


bids of 170k, 140k and 100k in a row


don't know what got them so excited except the technical tentative breakout past 1.51


prob. needs about 700k of buys to push through 1.55


sorry i am rambling now


good luck all


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Some nice buys coming in....


With the capital raising, I think that VCR will try and push the price up closer to the $2 mark before raising the necessary cash.


What about getting a partner to invest instead of undertaking a capital raising ??


Opinions ?

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In reply to: Oavde on Wednesday 20/07/05 10:22am

Can anyone shed light on how the capital raising can be viewed as a positive rather than negative thing. All this time they have been saying it won't be needed. Why the SP up this morning and not down .....due the the anticipation of another capital raising and further shareholder dilution?? anyone answer that? .......................unless they raise money by listing in the US now that would be a postive thing ......maybe a US backer?? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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In reply to: savtin on Wednesday 20/07/05 10:30am

who knows the market is fickle. every capital raising in past has been followed by nasty falls. and yet, preceded by strong rises! so buy! and sell when it goes through!


(you cannot guarantee it will behave as it did in the past, though)


prob. US backer I think, someone big.


another reason, all the trading we have seen is small change. IF you wanted to buy 50% of VCR then what would your takeover bid be ? HUGE. Similar for capital raising it has to be closer to the fair price of the company which is way above these pathetic prices.

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In reply to: Oavde on Wednesday 20/07/05 10:47am

Yes I would have to agree that the capital raising will be at a price higher than what we are seeing now. VCR will try to encourage buying before the capital raising so as to dilute the stock as little as possible.

I doubt that they will give shareholders a chance to buy in again.

RAther a placement

15% of stock would be 29 million. At $1.40 per share that would be aroud 40million + dollars, plenty to get them going. I wonder who they will offer them too.?

Possibly the same funds that bought the last time is my guess, or as said below....a US broker, which would bode well for Australian shareholders.


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In reply to: mercury on Wednesday 20/07/05 12:26pm

it is my impression that someone was accumulating a lot of vcr stock 2 months ago.

huge parcels went through for several weeks.

it could be that person/company has already got an interest and my inject more.

just a thought...............

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Its a little disappointing that after saying that we dont need another capital raising VCR now says we do. In saying this it has been a long wait for the pilot trial and CE Mark trial which has put the timeframes out. As VCR has stated it wasn't there fault as its upto the individual hospital to gain approval from the ethics committee's.


As of June 30 VCR had $33 million in the bank with a current cash burn monthly rate of $2.4 million. This equates to just over 1 year until we run out of cash. How much will they need to complete the US trials ?


They expect to generate income from European Approval next year and will get reimbursement from the US trials which is estimated to be 50% of the procedure.


With still over 200 implants to go before it all ends I'd say VCR will need at least $50 million but thats just a guess. If they try a placement at say $1.50 to rasie this amount thats another 33.3 million shares giving us a total of around 230 mllion shares on the register. A price of $2 equates to 25 miilion shares as so on.


Isn't there a rule saying that a company can issue upto 5% without any shareholder approval ? Maybe a partner in the US will acquire this amount. 5% of VCR currently is just under $10 million. Anyway some things to think about.

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