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Well all the brokers have said BUY BUY BUY for many months and so SP FELL FELL FELL ..... what do we learn from that?


Anyhow I am getting interested now as we are maybe near the bottom ... was yesterdays $2.63 it or not? Any views?

A few more days should tell then I will act!!! I still love denim!!!



Please do your own research and avoid my mistakes - Up2U!

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Right now market sentiment is clearly showing otherwise, at an attractive P/E and excellent yield rates, the price now reflects good value unless they decide to issue a profit warning further down the track. But interesting to note back a few months, directors were happy to pay $2.80 mark for additional shares. Maybe the negative sentiment against discretionary retail is taking a toll, i share the same sympathies with McPherson.
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In reply to: ManjiLad on Friday 08/04/05 12:54am

Dont know this share too well. But after reading todays downgrade which did not seem that bad as profit is still as advised in prospectus. Chart does not look that good either. They say never bottom fish but remember the big fish lay near the bottom. Bought in today at $1.77. so think it might be a good entry point. What a lot of people are forgetting we may have ALREADY been through one of the worst bear markets in many years when one looks at indivdual stocks for example look at these WYL,JST,PPX, PBB ect to name a few. These companies still have good profits and cashflow but market is saying they have no future.

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