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In reply to: arthur on Thursday 16/09/04 11:19am

Not sure what went wrong with the attached file will try again ,


If it does not come up you just need to read the last reports to the ASX by this company to

understand what I am on about


Good Luck


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Volume has certainly dropped off in a very big way .. but price is still gradually moving up.

69c could be a bit of a hurdle, and the candle pattern on Friday suggests the possibility of a reversal ... maybe retest 67c.


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Well ... there is the pullback and testing of 67c. Looking for a bounce now.... or it could come back to 65c. Only concern is the lack of volume ... really nothing driving it at the moment


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JP Morgan bought about 3.5M (1%) increasing their holding to 8.75% shortly before 3 Dec 04. This would have been the main driver of price to above $0.85c. Now settled at around $0.75. I bought at $0.65 on FA believing they had been oversold from previous level of $0.85 to $0.95 down to low 60s.


I'm potentially a long term holder. Anyone else following this stock with something to add?

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Back down to low 60s. Company is forecasting NPAT around $13m, a reduction on last year due to loss of part of their Ford work in Nth America. This equates to about 4c per share, so prospective PE is around 15. Suspect they will pay 2.5 to 3 cents in dividends. At 2.5c, yield is about 4%, probably fully franked.


Guess it all depends on your view of the futute. If they can recover lost ground through new contracts and new products they are promoting, current price is a buying opportunity. Strong management team gives some confidence in this.


On FA, probably a reasonable buy. I'm far from a TA expert, but I suspect on TA, it's a 'stay clear'. Any TAer want to have a look and give me a view?

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In reply to: normc on Thursday 10/02/05 09:09am

IFM chart


If you believe in channel trading this chart shows IFM is at the bottom of its recent trading channel ,all indicators are in the oversold position but then in this case they would be ,

Just checked the s/p today and a low of 62c could indicate a triple bottom (support)


In the end do some f/a research before entering


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In reply to: arthur on Thursday 10/02/05 11:39am

Thanks arthur. Biggest problem with this stock is that The Intelligent Investor newsletter has had it as it's best buy for a while. Look what happened to MRL when they pushed it as a buy! http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/stun.gif


Yes, today's MD shows strong support @.62. Thanks

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In reply to: normc on Thursday 10/02/05 12:19pm

Hi Normc,

Intelligent Investor had not been inspiring in the stocks they pushed strongly as a BUY such as MRL & IFM. In the latest issue they are still pushing and justifying their recommendation. They argued that the breakeven point for IFM is 20,000 subscribers at an average revenue of $1200 subscribers at a profit margin of 70% and it will takes the whole exodus of Ford Europe subscribers for IFM to drop the subscriber base to 33,000. They assumed even with a drop in margin and an increased cost base, the break even will be at 25,000 subscribers.

Though the logic appears compelling, it is my opinion that any sharp drop (exodus of Ford subscribers) will precipitate an exodus of other subcribers! Market growth/decline of subcribers are not linear but more likely to be exponentially.


Good luck to those who bought IFM near 80 cents on their recommendation and still holding!




PS: I do not hold IFM shares.

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