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Certainly seems to have been an over reaction on this one

Goes ex div on 1/9/2004 with a payment date of 30/9/2004 ... and the dividend is 1.90 and 100% franked.


Maybe a quick bounce on cards ....?


Certainly fell through support in a big wasy (74c)


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In reply to: thekiwi on Monday 30/08/04 08:31am

hi kiwi,

I've just been looking at this stock. hmmm. I'm really intrigued. Do you follow it? Do you know what caused this extreme dumping?

It was definately on the way up prior.

XD today. If it recovers / retraces in the next 2-3 weeks it could return about 25%.

What do you think?


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In reply to: kosmo on Wednesday 01/09/04 06:59pm

Yea ... still watching this one for a recovery.

Id been watching the chart for a possible reversal play if it had 2 closes above 85c... and it was getting so very close.



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thnx kiwi,

it's obviously worked pretty hard since start of July to get to where it was, so until that fall over the cliff the market seemed comfortable with it's progress.

It may not take much to get it back, so definately worth keeping an eye on.


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