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not sure if someone has posted this


This announcement was made on the 14/06/07 by LG N-Sys and was titled "LG N-Sys enters global ATM market". The next day ICP got wriggling again.


from http://www.lgnsys.com/eng.html


for your info


On June 13th, LG N-Sys (CEO Chung, Tae-Soo, http://www.lgnsys.com) announced a strategic alliance with ICA (CEO James Manny) and Neo Technology (CEO Kang, Jeong Seok, http://www.neotk.com) to target the global ATM market.


Through this triangle partnership, the three companies plan to expand into the overseas ATM market and cooperate to strengthen their marketing networks.


Based on its original mechatronics technology and production capacities, LG N-Sys has a competitive advantage in core modules for overseas ATM markets (including North America, Europe, and Russia). The company expects to gain synergies in developing and producing ATMs for export by partnering with Neo Technology, a Korean company that specializes in ATM modules and set exports. Also, by cooperating with ICA (International Concert Attractions, Ltd., listed in Australia) a company with an established ATM business network in China, LG N-Sys expects to minimize entry barriers to the Chinese market.


Although Korean ATM companies gained a windfall of approximately 1.1 billion USD from the government's issue of new bills and the resulting need for new ATM equipment, the market's growth will probably dwindle significantly in the next few years. The new alliances formed by LG N-Sys will help the company find new markets to overcome the limitations in the Korean market.


Chung Byung-Sun, head of the ATM division, commented, "This is our first year of exporting ATM set products, and our sales target for 2008 is approximately 32 million USD. We will first use China as a test market and establish an office there. We plan to use the networks of our local partner companies to target smaller regional and municipal banks in China. Through the success of China, we hope to expand ATM set exports to the global market including North America and Russia."



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Well Crystal, rumour or not,but the word on "the other side " is that:


1. There is a pending contract for 15-000 approx atms for the China agricultural bank

2. Exclusive deal pending as well with Chinese rail company to supply an ATM on every

railway platform

3. Stratetic alliance with another foreign entity to ramp up distribution

4. David Haselhurst "The Speculator" has bought in and is about to run a spread on it in

the bulletin over next few weeks.

5. Apparently another speculation - and this I feel is a speculation - is that the director

Cus CEO Greg Baker was in China early June into talks with LG N-Sys -.. about???



Note that in early June, execs of ICP, LY n-Sys and NEO all met up was also out there early June to meet with some of the management all met up and tranche 2 in Neo was all ironed out ... A bit of a wildcard but food for thought???


I had bought before I really got into the speculations unfolding at 8.5 a few months back so none of those speculations had come about.


.... Let's wait and see...Any one of those - could start the upwards process - All of them! well, say no more.. OK - let's say they are rumours, however, just look at the developments of the company in the last 8 months. My personal belief is that all these alliances MUST bring fruit...Why would LG N- Sys want to buy in a slice of NEO for ? ??? Why would ICP buy in 60% of NEO for? NEO is already providing ATM's in China, Japan, Korea and USA - their ATMSs also sell lotto tickets. in US..I don't know why a blind freddy cannot see that there are synergies merging where something big must eventually come out of this.. Your choice..


I can only speak for myself and have even topped up on the recent pullback..I am happy to sit and wait for things to unfold as the company change of direction in the last year has borne some significant changes which I feel confident about..

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Can anyone help?


This coy is not dual listed is it - on the Berlin exchange?


This URL suggests otherwise




Does this URL give anyone else International Concert Atractions - Berlin Stock Exchange and if so ??? There is another ICP code in Berlin but it trades at around 14 Euro as opposed to the 0.07 Euro in the above URL.



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There's a small article in the AFR yesterday about the Korean ATM deal. Hopefuuly, that will help to move the SP along.

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In reply to: diana on Wednesday 11/07/07 10:48am



yes di ,gloat away .just beginners luck on your part,i reckon http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


looking quite good today 12/12.5 currently on 490k


maybe i should have used a 3 day chart ?http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif


good luck all





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