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Just a stab in the dark arty, nipper , with Qtr reports due just thought news of a rollout would be on the cards by Jan 30th.

Been accumulating a few over the Xmas break and bought another parcel yesterday which inspired me to post.

Looking like a good deal with Foster's brining on board American investors .

Been out all day so missed the day announcements.

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Foster Stockbroking and EAS Advisors have successfully developed a strong partnership working with growth focused ASX-listed companies, providing equity capital market services and assisting with the transition of the company's register in readiness for an ultimate listing on the main boards of the US equity market.


Foster Stockbroking and EAS will work with Yowie to provide strategic support for Yowie's continued growth in the US

....long lead time, though ?



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Yowie, a chocolate treat encasing toy animals will go on sale at the world's biggest retailer Walmart, despite a US ban on sweets with embedded toys because of choking risks.


The ban, which dates back to the early 1930s, has kept rival Kinder Surprise from selling its chocolate treats in the US. However, Perth-based Yowie has jumped this hurdle by designing a special capsule and was granted the only patent for a chocolate-encased toy by the US Food and Drug Administration last year.Shares in Yowie on the Australian stockmarket have rallied after the company confirmed on Tuesday that the check-outs of more than 1500 Walmart supermarkets across the US, including at Walmart Supercentres, will sell its chocolates from March.


Yowie has been handed a strong competitive advantage in a marketplace where rival, Italian-based Ferrero Group, the maker of the better-known global chocolate egg Kinder Surprise, is banned. The deal follows a successful trial of Yowies at Walmart's Texas supermarkets last year.


"A successful rollout into Walmart stores is endorsement of the company's strategic approach to the US market," a statement from Yowie said. Walmart is the largest company in the world and the largest grocery retailer in the United States.


The Yowie chocolate characters resemble Australian animals, including the kangaroo and wombat, and are the creations of best-selling authors Bryce Courtenay and Geoff Pike. Inside the chocolates are replicas of wild animals, many of which are threatened species. Yowie's website says it's primary mission is to education children and adults about ecology and the environment.


The chocolate brand was produced in 1993 by Kidcorp and Cadbury A-NZ but Yowie Group formed in 1995 and the company first floated on ASX in December, 2012.

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