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In reply to: salts on Wednesday 12/12/07 02:23pm

Have never heard anything about granite mining and it does seem a rather left of field choice for ERJ.


The one thing that I noted from the announcement was that the acquisition price is fairly significant so I would hope that it is a project with some very good potential and maybe even a significant resource inventory.


I suspect that when the deal is finalised we should have a much better idea of the potential for ERJ going into the future...

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From recent presentation :


(There is) "more waste heat energy available in US industry than electricity produced from all renewable energy sources combined."



In Australia, "waste heat is the largest available energy source ..... at 440TWh, it's 20 times the combined production of renewable energy. "


Forecasting revenues of $89 million in two years .


Bought some last week as a long term investment . Multi bagger potential, imo .



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Chart feeling its way north and depth looks compelling imo .

Placement of shares at 20 cents proposed to US Green Funds for early November ..... currently the shareprice is poised at 18 cents . I think it has a good chance of being in a cushioned mid 20 cent range cum placement .

A placement could be done at a premium based on the forecast revenue of $89 million within 2 years, but I feel it is more likely that it is done whilst the shareprice is over 20 cents .


I recommend people examine the recent presentation . Personally, I found the potential growth off the back of what is pure waste quite astounding . CFU (most comparitive concept technology imo) marcap is 3 times ERJ so possibly some very strong specultive gains prior to forecast business implementation .



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ERJ to do 1 for 10 bonus options issue at 20 cents ex and dated Dec 2016 - no, not a misprint, that's 7 years away in my calc. Would be plenty of time value in these.


Assume these would be in the 7 - 10 cents category or about 1 cent per ERJ share.


SP 19.5 cents.

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