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Still struggling with adversity. I've never seen a market so bewildered and lacking in direction. And that goes for all the financial journos, newsletter tipsters and market pontificators as well. They are clueless so I hope that no one out there is taking any notice of them. With no big killings to be made one has to make do with small lollies like this one.


Don't make a stranger of yourself.

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gone to sleep again ... but ... it seems to have found support at the $1 mark and be about to turn.

I'm taking a punt, waiting for an update on pending sale negotiations.



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Back to where it all started, except for the volume.



I'm not convinced yet that we have a supported Low in place, but shall keep it on my watchlist.

The technical break level is $1.30, pretty much the same as six months ago.

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It may be a short-lived "Trump Effect" that creates renewed interest in EOS. But the Chart suggests a real recovery could be on its way, and I follow the chart.




Seeing there's only few offers below $1.50 resistance, I'm accumulating at these levels.

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