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Any holders of CPB who can advise on the rights issue? It seems that I have been offered a certain number of rights shares to be exercised at $9. All well and good. However, it seems that I can purchase additional shares at $9. This seems like money for old rope as the current share price is about $10.40-$10.50. Is the share price likely to fall significantly?
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Considering the stellar performance of CPB it's rather strange that there is very little interest on bulletin boards.

A week or so ago there were hardly any sellers and at one point there was only one. Now, there are not many buyers and the sellers are queueing up. It seems that profit takers have been waiting until the start of the new FY. I can understand. I have done very well especially with the rights issue at $9 in Dec last year. Beats working for a living every time.

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"Campbell Brothers Limited has advised that it has changed the terms of its offer for all of the shares in Ammtec Limited. It has increased its cash offer from $3.35 per share to $3.80 per share. The alternative all share offer has changed marginally from 2 Campbell Brothers shares for every 17 Ammtec shares to a new ratio of 4 Campbell Brothers shares for every 33 Ammtec shares."


There is a 'bot buying above 3.80 - now at 3.83. Some hedge fund is confident?



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CPB have a history of successful takeovers and it was probably just a matter of time and price before this one happened. They also have a good track record in integrating their acquisitions and I'm confident that they'll make this one work too.


I was fortunate enough to buy into CPB at a fairly low point a couple of years ago and am now showing around 300% profit. But like all stocks they need monitoring and I won't hesitate to realise my profits if they ever start to stumble again.



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