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QUOTE (cuzn @ Thursday 14/08/08 11:02pm)



One of my whinges to NG was that we have seen no directors expressing any confidence in the company. Lo and behold two days later .... Well done Dick. At least you now have something to keep your free out-of-the-money options company!


Good spotting cuzn. Pays to watch the screen sometimes. I noticed today some pretty big bids at $1, also some pretty big offers too. Hopefully this dude is out already?


Bit of a bounce, well more like a ripple, in base metals tonight may help us tomorrow although the latest US inflation numbers out (annual 5.6%) may put a dampener of things if that crunches Wall St.



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In reply to: Krumbs on Thursday 14/08/08 11:01pm

Yep saw that too - now if GT takes 1/4 of his forward profits from the loan and buys on market that will soeak volumes in my mind - heave emailed gt, ng and rs to that effect - maybe if enough others do similar - might sham eme into it.


otherwise - wait for the EGM to approve the kemali lonns affair - oops sorry - the gt loans affair = buy in a month before the meeting and sell the day before - sure thing I reckon.


They will want the price up before that meeting just like they did before th AGM - have no doubt now gt must have shares in a local brick factory - he saw brick orders increasing few months BEOFRE LAST agm and realised many of them were being ordered by long term holders who were going to throw em at him at agm - thought it better to offer monthly updates to boost the price so we cancelled our brick orders.


Will continue to hold - wont sell = bit this time I wont cancel the brick order - Ill order double instead - that way I can keep throwing them for the others who a month later will think - wish I didnt cancel my brick order lol


All in jest really - what do thy say = you gotta laugh - if you dont laugh you'll cry.


Will keep the brick order open - will just cancell the shotgun order lol


That lol is serious - nevahad an order for a shottie in - yet

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In reply to: bello on Friday 15/08/08 09:44am

A small torch it was bello, but better than we have been seeing of late. As cuzo says (I think!) it would be far more reassuring to see Directors tip in for a collective few hundred thousand at these levels.

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QUOTE (cuzn @ Monday 18/08/08 06:51pm)

now i feel silly lolÃÆâ€â„¢ÃƒÆ’ƒÂ¢Ãƒ¢Ã¢Ã¢â€š¬Ã…¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’…¡ÃƒÆ’â€Å¡Ãƒƒâہ¡ÃƒÆ’‚ 


Don't count on it. Do you know how many he buy after Friday's bombshell?


Looks like an average purchase price of ~$1.10, but for JP $1.6-1.7M is not a lot of money, lol.


Maybe there is a signal there, a faint one? RS bought 80k, now JP buying. But still other directors seem to be keeping their hands in their pockets.


I am a net seller. This thing is now much too risky under this management and in this market. More caning to come I suspect although I can't help but wonder what HNC might be thinking about all of this with their commitment to 100% of the capital for 50% of the profits. Remember they sold 6M shares lst year for $4.10 and he board said they weren't smart. Well we know who's smart don't we!


I can see a scenarion unfloding here where HNC could buy the lot some time soon for a comparative song and have 100% of the project for 100% of the capital. I can image them feeling pretty smug.


The oxide (or is it dogside project?) is looking close to terminal to me at current metals prices. Only one slip and they are finished - no cash and a plant they cannot afford to run. They will need cash via placement or a rights issue, but who in their right mind would stump this lot more cash in this market? Not me that's for sure.


I'm still laughing (or is it crying) at the $US50 cobalt and $3.80 copper. Copper hasn't been at $3.80 for over a month! When did we last see an 80 cent exchange rate? And a Year 3 low cost baseline for analysis !!!!!!!!


And why are the oxide resources in that update different to those on their web site which still shows 9.4Mt at 0.82% Cu, 0.14% Ni and 0.14% Co? And why are the equivalence number in the quarterly different again?


In Friday's presentation we have 1.3 Mtpa over about 5.3 years for a little over 7 Mtpa mined or about 75% of the 9.4 Mt resource. That's about right for a near surface resource. But wait a minute, the grade is now 0.63% Cu and 0.12% each for the other two. Have we been treated once again to one of their odious resource downgrades that assumes the average punter is a complete fool? In my book that's downright dishonest.

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In reply to: Krumbs on Monday 18/08/08 07:19pm

I reckon JP buying say far more to me than RS buying.


Have sold enough now to feel comfy waiting for whatever transpires.


Think HNC would have to look at how much they intend spending on sulphides for half share and realise a 100% share looks damned cheap.


Dunno what JP is thinking but say to me whether long term or short term he reckons its cheap.


Would love to see him on th eboard

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