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CLH put in a blinder today.Up 12% with large Vol. Not bad for a stock paying excellent F/F Div. Suspect div. increase to be announced. (CLH is my largest holding atm:performance has eased but not eliminated the pain of selling TLS at $4.41!)
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Over the past 4 trading days have sold my CLH at an average of $1.63 or so. Purchase was 0.80,so a very good 12 month result.Reason for selling was not totally TA based.Momentum is slowing slightly,however decided to increase cash holdings at this time,and that is the main reason.

Good luck to all present holders.

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SP took a hit on news CEO has resigned...but not sure if the SP tanking is solely due to this? Looking a fairly good buy at current levels...anyone else feel the same...dividend coming up very shortly! Not worth the risk maybe...could be months before they find a suitable replacement
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