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Early Mover Advantage Starts To Pay Off For Aurora Oil & Gas As Its Eagle Ford Shale Wells Reveal The Quality Of Its Acreage Position

When Aurora Oil & Gas drilled its first well in the Sugarkane field in Texas back in 2005 nobody suspected the ASX-quoted small cap would six years later be a much larger cap company with a front seat in one of the hottest shale plays in North America. That play is, of course, the Eagle Ford Shale in southern Texas and the reason no one suspected Aurora would present such a key investment opportunity for those seeking exposure to this liquids-rich shale is because the company's first wells here were actually targeting the gas-bearing Austin Chalk formation.


AUT may be worth placing on watch lists at current prices.


Dual listed in Toronto, and now in production, with a hefty forward work programme.


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Key quarter-on-quarter results:


ï‚· 9% increase in revenue from Q3 2013 (40% increase from Q4 2012).


ï‚· 15% increase in production volume (46% increase from Q4 2012).


ï‚· 15.6 new net wells were placed on production, including six Aurora operated wells.


ï‚· 11.8 net wells were spudded, including three wells on Aurora operated acreage.


Quarterly Activities Summary



Q report within 10 days, thought about AUT as pre result trade, glad did nothing about it 3% profit would have been too tight, market simply does not want know about even good results.


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I bet you are kicking yourself now flower (if you dont hold that is)


Sure am, not holding---- decided against it, that's the way the cookie crumbles though, didn't hear the usual jungle drum beat about this outcome. What is most interesting is that Baytex will pay such a massive premium, augers well for any future M/A activity which is surely coming as funding gets ever tighter. Also of interest is the fact that even those very good Q results failed to increase AUT's SP, it took an outsider to see the inherent value lurking within.


Proposed Acquisition by Baytex Energy at $4.10 :


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Auteco Minerals Ltd (AUT) is an emerging mineral exploration company focused on gold resources at the Pickle Crow Gold Project in the Uchi sub province of Ontario, Canada.

Last year .... and in July AUT went on a run 8c to 13c but down to 6c by end of 2021


some results coming in this Jan

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 8.30.23 am.png
so then the usual route :::: to market to raise capital.... at 8c which is where it was last year
Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 10.26.28 am.png
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