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Hi all


Any comments on BWT - looks to have strong Market Position at the moment and seems to be in some demand. Trading halt called last week and then announced the raising of more capital.


Am I wrong in assuming that the sideways consolidation is over (Stage 1), which was in place for 10 months prior to the current upward surge, and Stage 2 is in full swing.


PS - I thought Tony Barlow made suits http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif





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There are comments under topic "Next Oiler to fly" for this Coy, basically the founder of Amity Oil (Now Antares) has taken over the reins, and headed back to the industry he knows. My guess is that name change won't be far off. Must admit it appeals to my perverse sence of humor if the name was unchanged though. Can you imagine the fun that a writer could have here ?

ie After trying for gas Tony Barlow strikes an oily mud ! (Sorry guys, Im suffering post BBQ stress syndrome)

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I wonder if a few more knowledgeable persons can point me in the right direction.

Normally I buy from a TA point of view. However, todays announcement of a convertible issue converting at 21 cents per share baffles me.

They must be converted by April 2005 to equity.

Which means?.....

Does it mean they have to become normal shares?

If so, at what price?

Anybody lend a hand here?


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In reply to: mercury on Wednesday 09/02/05 03:30pm

I think the speculation around the traps is that this company will be announcing a change of business, name change and consolidation to bring it into line with Chapters 1 & 2 of the ASX listing rules, which will mean at least a 1 for 5 if the options on issue are to have a 20 cent strike price.


Assuming a 1 for 5, those notes would converting back into shares at 4.2 cents.


That's a very good entry price for the buyer, but one gets the distinct impression the new guard are introducing some very interesting players onto this register for a much bigger play, perhaps.


simple as that.

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In reply to: simple on Monday 14/02/05 01:17pm


todays news proves your on the ball

have read the announcement

with trading at 052 054 before the halt

what is your opinion on the sp direction http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif

up to and after the meeting

kevan newbee

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In reply to: kevan on Sunday 06/03/05 06:03pm

BWT firing today on very encouraging announcement of gas intersections.....multiple intersections & last one quite wide. Heading into zone with more expected gas shows.

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