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Problem is bizzo, they are not doing any more work on the resource, they are leaving it at the PFS stage.


So the company has to get the best dollar based on the PFS valuation as far as I can tell. The only thing that can make a difference is if they increase the resource size by adding the outstanding EL's for the plateau, this could lift the valuation.


Cheers Charles

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Adding the outstanding EL,s with out a drilling programme having been done may as you say add some value .I would still like to see some kind of in ground value per tonne of of iron ore .

This is I am sure in the companies figures . :icon14:

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The in-ground valuations done 12-18 months ago don't really apply these days.


eg. EQX has virtually zero enterpirse value currently.


Only comparison that might be done is finding a recent transaction of similar nature and applying the sums, but its comparing apples and oranges really.


Any suitor will pay hat they think its worth, based on a miriad of factors, not just in ground tonnage.


Only tangible indicator yet is the NPV provided by the Co in its recent PFS, being US$420m (at 12% discount).

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