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It is Dividend Day, (yay!!) so there is a bit more commentary from Argo, reflecting the seismic shift (some are perceiving) in markets:


Argo has added a number of holdings to the portfolio with exposure to renewable energy and decarbonisation thematics. In particular, there are several new stocks exposed to the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) globally, including Novonix, IGO, Carbon Revolution and Lynas Rare Earths.

These growing companies sit alongside our largest holding, Macquarie Group, which is now one of the world's largest infrastructure managers and the owner of Green Investment Group, a leading provider of finance, development and advisory services in the renewable energy sector. Novonix, which experienced a share price jump of 75% in August alone, produces anode material for battery manufacturers. IGO mines for lithium and nickel, both important elements in battery manufacture. Carbon Revolution manufactures carbon fibre wheels, which are light and ideal for EVs. Lynas Rare Earths is the largest producer and processor of separated rare earths outside China, making it an important strategic supplier to many high tech and low carbon industries, including magnets for wind turbines, solar cells and EVs.

This growing area is not without risk, as share prices will be volatile and dividends relatively low for some time. However in the longer term we see these new technologies as an important part of achieving future capital growth for Argo shareholders, while we continue to provide reliable dividend income, driven by our more traditional blue chip holdings such as banks, healthcare and diversified resources giants Rio Tinto and BHP Group.

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Argo comes out with its monthly NTA today, at $9.52 up from $9.29 at end November,
.... and today, admittedly a strong day on the market, it moved 21c , up to $10.38 (ATH)

Top 20 holdings:
MQG .. 7.5%
CSL .... 4.9 %
WES ... 4.3 %
CBA ... 4.0 %
ANZ ... 3.3 %
RIO .... 3.0 %
WBC ... 2.6 %
SHL .... 2.5 %
NAB ...2.5 %
REH .... 2.2 %
ALL .... 2.2 %
RHC .... 2.1 %
SYD .... 2.0 %
WOW ...1.9 %
TCL ..... 1.8 %
NVX ..... 1.8 %
AUI ..... 1.7 %
APA .... 1.7 %
Top 20 equity investments 59.5%
Cash and cash equivalents 1.2%

Market cap. .... $7.4bn
Shareholders .. 95,200
Dividend yield .. 2.8%
MER ................... 0.14%

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