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so close to the next court action.

My question is if ags wins what does it resolve?

ags shareholders can look forward to more legal action and capital raisings.

The market does not care one iota about this waste of time and energy.

have a look what the market is telling participants.

heathgate have valued ags interest in B4m at 14c.

ags management went to market for more money valuing the company at 8c.

ags management have this all under control.

ags will need money again shortly.

wonder what ags will value it next time they come to the market with collection plates in hand.


time is long overdue for a complete board room spill.

this is what happens when the crazy's take over the asylum.

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And the confidentiality circus keeps on rolling along.


Talk about uncertainty!


More money needed soon to fund the board of directors pension funds and salaries.


On a positive the price has stabilised. Is this to allow the insiders to dump on the market now. Or is it allowing the insiders to build position.


Trend still down, share price close to decade lows so I would say the former.


Good luck to all those investing on the word of IG. Historically all said has been proven false. What changes this time?


Shareholders best friend. What a joke.


Lets just look at the offer from heath gate.


How much uranium in storage is ags say 20 million


How much did ags spend on the M+D Case reported 16 million



Not bad hey 20 million in total. What a coincidence that was the amount that itochu had put up as a down payment.


IMO The deal has been done. Shareholders get nothing. the deal was done before the legal action commenced.




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Summary of below:


Since 2007 ags has tapped the market for $78.56 million as they state for the progression of B4M.


Heathgate have offered them $56 million.


Great return on investment. I just have to ask what are the idiots doing with this cash?



You make your own mind up about the facts.



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Mind you 56 million is what heathgate has valued ags share in B4M.


Ags current market cap is close to half that.


Great job by all in charge.


Wonder what is next????


How long till the lights are turned out and Gandel metals takes control.


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Check out mtn.

Didn't they have the tenement next door. Didn't the government take it away from them.

Oh yeah I remember the government took some of ags lease as well.

Ags is till going downwards while mtn seems to have moved on.

Oh I forgot ags is moving onto chile.

Don't worry everything is relying on a sealed statement by gandel.

The market knows that the only person important in gandels life is gandel.


How low is this one going. will gandel increase his holding in the next cap raising or does he turn out the lights so that he may negotiate directly with Neil Blue?




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The trend is your friend. IMO Gandel's only friend is himself. Wonder what's in Gandels sealed statement. Could there be an envelope full of cash? Just speculating. Australia's law hiding behind confidentiality. Bollinger's tightening up. uptrend smashed. big move ahead. money is on a move down.


More money required soon. Gandel needs to increase is stake on the cheap. Everything going along swimmingly.


The parasites are running out of blood.




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