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In reply to: krk004 on Monday 25/02/08 08:14pm

Hey krk


I'm still holding onto my sample of ABB - no doubt we'll catch up with one another on ABB's share registry on the way back up.


Colin Twiggs is saying that 4800 might be the next level down for the local market. I am factoring that sort of correction into my buying program and so at the moment am neither buying or selling much (but still holding some). I have a few Ag stocks, including ABB, I would like to accumulate, but at lower levels.


There are a couple of Ag stocks still on the tear - IPL, MAK - and bloody Yellowcake on HC is now ramping the bejesus out of RWD and, to a lessor extent, MSF and AAC. Either I've missed those tearaways for good or they will come back to me in the next couple of months or so.


The next big milestone for ABB, hopefully, will be an early start to the winter rains down south.

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In reply to: triage on Monday 25/02/08 10:57pm



Still like ABB, but have to sell when required. - Will very much stay on my watchlist!


Have had MAK as a 'buy' about 3-4 weeks ago & RWD from last Friday, but was a non-event as my 'overall' market indicator is still saying no buying - yet!


Feel we are setting up for some form of rally (low 6,000's), to only see further lows again at some later stage. (IMHO - FWIW)


Best of luck.


DYOR & KYOIS. - I no longer hold ABB.

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Got a 13% kick along in the SP today with today's announcement;


ABB advises revised profit upgrade


Solid, http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


Now, if a ASX-listed financial company were to make a similar sort of announcement in the current environment......... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif


Has been hit with the kitchen sink along with every other ASX stock of late, but still holding firm around the ~$8 mark.


All the best to holders, which I am not currently.

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Aussie Broadband Limited (ABB) is an Australian owned and operated telecommunications company that was formed in 2008 following the strategic merger of Wideband Networks Pty Ltd based in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria and Westvic Broadband Pty Ltd based in Warrnambool, Victoria.



Aussie Broadband provides nbnâ„¢ (NBN) subscription plans and bundles to residential homes, small businesses, not-for-profits, corporate/enterprise and managed service providers. The Company services all states and territories in Australia.


As a licensed carrier, the Company provides these services through:

  • ... a wholesale agreement with NBN Co;
  • ... a mix of leased Backhaul infrastructure from third parties; and
  • ... its own network equipment.

ABB listed on the ASX during October 2020, .... raising $40 million for its initial public offering at $1.00 a share. It has raised $30 million in an underwritten deal with Shaw and Partners and up to another $10 million via a customer offer, to see it list with a $180.5 million to $190.5 million market capitalisation.


Valuation put Aussie Broadband at 12.3-times forecast earnings, on an enterprise value to 2021 forecast proforma EBITDA basis, or 9.9 times operating cash flow, on a market capitalisation to proforma operating cash flow basis.


It claims it will be the country's fifth largest NBN services provider with more than 250,000 customers as at 30 June. The company reckons it will have almost doubled revenue each year for four years by the time the end of the 2021 financial year rolls around. NBN connections were 176.481 at June 30, up from 41,184 two years earlier.


Aussie Broadband reckons it should be able to keep growing quickly. Its NBN market share was 1.4 per cent in 2018, 2.2 per cent last year and 3.5 per cent at the end of June.


The company also has plans to launch a full mobile offering in the coming 12 months.

opened well above $1.00 and now $2.85

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