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In reply to: kevtus on Friday 04/01/08 11:36am



If you look at the Third Ave literature they offer on their website, they have a good assortment of (non-ASX) Agri- related stocks, worldwide, into which they have invested.


Says to me they see value in this sector overall.


Didn't invest because of Third Avenue,


but it's nice to see an o'seas heavyweight taking a decent position. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


All the best.


DYOR & KYOIS. - I continue to hold.

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In reply to: krk004 on Friday 04/01/08 02:44pm

Hi krk004 - I'm just back from hols so will get my first dumb question of 08 out of the way upfront - what does KYOIS stand for?


As an aside - I did a roadtrip around Tassie - first time there - tried to spot some agribusiness opportunities - a la Peter Lynch and "One up on Wall St" - but no luck - they seem to be doing it hard with no rain but for the most part (other than the poppy crops and a family run smoked salmon business) saw no screaming examples of inovation or value.


Some pretty country between Devonport and Burnie - red volcanic soil so should be able to grow anything. Hobart is a lovely place that seems to work well but Launceston's streets are a dog's breakfast.

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In reply to: triage on Friday 04/01/08 05:15pm

Lovely place Tassie...I especially like the north along the coast, and the Deloraine / Mole Creek area.


Check out the Tassal (TGR) thread over at Sharetrader.co.nz (ASX forum)....the guys there have identified as an idea obtaining an interest in TGR through the listed agricultural company Websters. Haven't waded in myself, but makes for an interesting read. TGR thread will be either on the first or second page of the ASX forum (depending on how soon you get round to reading it).


You shouldn't require membership to read the posts.



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In reply to: triage on Friday 04/01/08 06:15pm

Know Your Own Investment Style


...my thoughts are those that are good at investing/trading have a very good handle on their own style, the how & the why etc. - Everyone ought to take an honest appraisal of this for themselves.


(No such thing as dumb questions, only dumb answers!)


Bushwalked in SW Tassie some years ago (only ever visit), I considered it (Tasmania) very 'English' - but never been to England though.


ABB - today, knocking on door of $9.00 again, looking good. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif


All the best,



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In reply to: krk004 on Friday 04/01/08 01:44pm

You know what, I suppose that I looked into ag nearly three years ago when I noticed that Third Ave owned Agrium. I told a friend to buy POT if it got back down to $86 about a year and a half ago. Well it touched $86 all right and then split three for one and rocketed up to $140 ($420 pre split). Guess who never bought in himself?


ABB may be the same type of deal. Noticed it went up big today and didn't buy. Hope I don't stay on the sidelines too long.


By the way, I have less than $100k US in Third Ave. Far from heavyweight, although I am a large mammal, as we used to say in college.


I see ABB positioned to serve the Asian market and rebound from a temporary draught and make great gains from here. Do you agree?


I do use Third Ave as a early indicator of sectors I should look into. I am a bit frustrated by my lack of insight into 2008. I just don't know what to think.

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In reply to: kevtus on Saturday 05/01/08 01:48pm



I can only hope that ABB goes 'thru the roof' over the next few years - wouldn't that be grand! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif


My understanding is that AWB is losing their single-desk status for wheat, yet ABB will still retain theirs for barley (I could be wrong on this).


So if they have their little black book still operating, this could serve them well in o'seas wheat trading perhaps? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif


If you are keen on a position in ABB, next week may throw up something with Dow down last night.


Good luck,



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  • 2 weeks later...

One could have bought ABB in mid-September 07 for ~$7.50.


Take a look at it's trend since that period. - What correction? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


Purring along nicely - AWB tends to get most of the 'grains' focus from the average punter, but I feel this one goes un-noticed by many.


Third Avenue have this as there only (last time I checked) Oz play, with an overall holdings that has a fair few world-wide ag stocks on board.


To clarify, I mentioned previously that ABB holds single desk equivalent for Barley in Australia. I have been led to believe that this is not quite correct & that ABB holds the only export Barley 'license' in SA. (but not 100% on this either)


As usual, DYOR & KYOIS. - I hold.



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In reply to: krk004 on Thursday 17/01/08 10:15pm

...and it has the added advantage of not having second class shareholders (from memory, it sorted its constitution out last year).


As with NUF, I reckon ABB to be one of the cornerstones to a soft commodities portfolio - both are included in the Commonwealth Bank's agribusiness index.


And like krk004 I hold both.

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In reply to: krk004 on Thursday 17/01/08 09:15pm

ABB did have the monopoly license for Barley in SA but it has recently lost this. However this should not affect it much as it will probably make up any shortfall by the deregulation of the wheat market. I certainly think ABB and GNC are the more likely to win market share in a deregulated market.

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Dismal week for ABB.


Down 70c from 8/2 close of $8.55 to $7.85 (15/2).


Most of this was done on Monday and it spent the rest of the week working hard to make up losses.


Did miss out on being one of the three companies given a wheat export 'quota' this week.


Apparently 35 offers were considered, 3 were given and 1 still to go.


Hope the falls have been limited to this last week and can build up again very soon,


as it is near my 'support', unfortunately.


DYOR & KYOIS. - I still hold.

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