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Initial Public Offering and/or Floats


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Biodem LTD Aiming to Raise US$7.2 MLN & Float on ASX


Pharmaceuticals developer BioDiem Ltd aims to raise A$10 million (US$7.2 million) and float on the Australian Stock Exchange in a move to commercialise four key products.

Two products, an intranasal live influenza vaccine and a potential breakthrough treatment for blindness, are ready to commercialise, according to the company.


The other two products, a treatment for heart attacks and an anti-infective compound used as an alternative to antibiotics in chicken rearing, are being prepared for clinical trials.


BioDiem chairman Rod Unsworth said the company's business model was robust with a total estimated market of more than US$4 billion (A$5.55 billion) per year.


"BioDiem's business model is a robust one and not dependent on a one-product portfolio," Mr Unsworth said.


"We will earn income from out-licensing our portfolio of products to international pharmaceutical companies in the form of sign-on fees, milestone payments and royalties on sales.


"Each of BioDiem's four products are targeting markets estimated to be worth more than US$1 billion (A$1.39 billion) per annum."


A total of eight million shares will be offered at A$1.25 apiece, to raise up to A$10 million (US$7.2 million).


The offer will open on December 4, with a listing expected in January 2004.






Alchemia Seeks A$21M; Targets Akzo Nobel Drug


Alchemia Ltd., an Australian company that is developing carbohydrate-based molecules for therapeutic applications, is seeking to raise A$21 million ahead of a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.


Its offer comprises 30 million new shares priced at 70 cents apiece. This will represent nearly 30% of the enlarged company's equity base.


Along with two powerful partners, Dow Chemical Co. (DOW) and American Pharmaceutical Partners Inc. (APPX), Alchemia said it is aiming to have a generic version of Organon Sanofi-Synthelabo LLC's anti-thrombotic product Arixtra on the North American market in 2008.


Arixtra is a synthetic heparin, used to prevent the formation of blood clots. According to Alchemia's prospectus, the heparin family of anticoagulants including synthetic heparin had sales exceeding US$3 billion in 2002.


Organon is owned by the Netherlands-based Akzo Nobel NV (AKZOY). Sanofi-Synthelabo SA (SNY) is a French drug company.






Brisbane drugs developer seeks $21m cash injection


Biotechnology group Alchemia has so far relied on venture capital to develop drugs against cancer and other diseases. Now that it has a drug to take to market, it is floating to raise $21 million.


The Brisbane-based company, formed in 1995, spent its first five years developing a technology to help in the discovery of drugs.


It has received $26.1 million in funding from venture-capital groups and two Federal Government research and development grants totalling $7.2 million.


But as chief executive and managing director Tracie Ramsdale says, "there's a limit to the amount of venture-capital funding within Australia".


"We're raising funds for the next three years (through the float), and they'll be primarily devoted to Synthetic Heparin, which is our first product to be commercialised," she said.


By using biotechnology to synthesise and manipulate carbohydrates, Alchemia has developed a synthetic version of natural Heparin, and a range of other anti-bacterial and anti-cancer drugs. Heparin is used at present to prevent the formation of blood clots following surgery.




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Unwired seeks $100m to take on Telstra in wireless push


Despite the failure of IP1 and Nextgen Networks this year, which sent $1 billion worth of investment down the drain, another telecom start-up is asking the public for $100 million to take on Telstra in Sydney next year.


Unwired Australia says it has finally found the wireless technology that will enable it to compete with Telstra in a lucrative area where there has been little competition - the last mile to the home.


"It's definitely a new, disruptive technology," independent telecom analyst Paul Budde said.


"There is now a dynamic in the market that we did not have before."


Unwired is planning to put up a fixed-wireless access (FWA) network that will eventually carry high-bandwidth internet, and voice, to 95 per cent of the Australian population just when demand for broadband is starting to take off.



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Investment bank UBS is to make presentations to fund managers on a possible float of Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd, one of Australia's largest builders, the bank said on Wednesday.


While UBS confirmed to Reuters it was doing the presentations it declined to give any further details.


However, an industry source told Reuters the presentations by UBS were scheduled to start in Melbourne on Monday.


Family-owned Multiplex Constructions told Reuters in July that it was considering a range of options for its capital structure.


http://au.dailynews.yahoo.com/finance/2003...ance/1064395677 -1544413243.html




Multiplex To Hold IPO Bookbuild Next Week


Multiplex Constructions, Australia's largest privately-held construction and development company, should easily collect the A$1.1 billion it plans to raise from its initial public share offering, institutional investors said on Thursday.


Multiplex, which has been taking institutional investors and analysts on tour of its assets in Sydney and Melbourne this week, will rank as the second biggest IPO in Australia this year when it lists on December 9.






Multiplex no problem


UBS's corporate property team might be wishing every new float was as easy as the $2 billion Multiplex deal.


The team spent last week travelling through Asia, the UK and Europe talking up the country's largest property contractor, although there really was no need - the name is pretty well known already: they're rebuilding Wembley Stadium in London.


Today, the final price of the float will be revealed when the book-build officially closes at midday.


A price range of between $2.83 to $3.08 was offered with a further 97c payable on the instalment in December 2004.


Lucky punters, who are lining up around the block for some shares, will get an initial yield of between 8.25 to 9 per cent and initial indications are that allocations will be trimmed back to ensure every applicant gets a look in.


The Roberts family which founded Multiplex is retaining a 42 per cent stake.


The group goes to the market on December 2.



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Now for some big miners to add to your float list


Large mining companies haven't featured much in the rush of floats so far but that could change with Transvaal Ferro-Chrome, backed by Tony Grey and Alan Doyle, considering an ambitious $300 million listing early next year.


If that weren't enough, Vedanta Resources, chaired by Brian Gilbertson, is pitching its $US700 million ($968 million) copper offering to Sydney this week.


Buoyed by strong equity and commodity markets, the two groups join a glut of smaller exploration offerings trying to raise funds despite fears the float market is close to overheating.


While Transvaal's project is tucked in between ferro-chrome mines owned by BHP Billiton and Xstrata in South Africa's western Bushveld, the offer has a Sydney flavour.



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Not sure if this belongs in here under IPO, as it's too late to apply. I guess those interested can start a new thread on main board once it lists.

Transol, TNC, will list early next week. Technology has progressed on from Redflex. Indeed I think one of the redflex founders is the TNC boss.

They had won 2 contracts in the USA when I applied for the IPO.

They now have just announced the winning of the WA police tender, again

beating Redflex as they did in the USA.


TNC much more user friendly/cheaper to install/cheaper to operate than Redflex & other competing systems, so it looks pretty good.

I don't know, but I suspect they may be talking to the Victorian government after all their problems. Seems they could solve their issues for them, but it depends on the contract in place now I guess.

But, with what seems like the best technology in the world atm, TNC look set to fly.


25c IPO with 1:2 free 25c oppy exp May '06.


Worth a read.




I hold quite a few.







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Hi All,


New here and to trading/investing generally, and enjoying this board immensely. I notice that there isn't an IPO section, so I thought I would post here. Maybe a section can be created for that?


Anyway, does anybody have any thoughts on the Pacific Brands IPO? They certainly represent an impressive array of brands, and the numbers seem to look OK. Maybe somebody has heard something or have more info on the management etc. that is not common knowledge? Any comments appreciated.

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IN REPLY TO A POST BY trader007, Thu 11/03/04 07:46pm

Not a single cent raised from the float will go back into the business.


Subscribers are being asked to cough up money at a price that delivers the vendors a 64% profit on their outlay of just 3 years ago.


The price being asked by the vendors includes $800m of "assets" ascribed to Goodwill and then $40m of that goodwill will be amortised in the first year - equivalent to the current year's NPAT.


It ain't cheap, but at least the management look to have done a much better job than when PAcific Dunlop owned them.


The yield looks okay as well and I reckon the brand name recognition will make it a popular float with the Mums & Dads. Don't expect short term stag profits though.



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Haven't subscribed to an IPO for some time. Stag days seem to be pretty much over, and of stocks that have done better over medium/longer term, many could have been had on market for less than issue price at one point or another http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif


Currently however, I have been slighty tempted by the Narhex prospectus, which is raising capital in the hope of eventually moving to production phase with an HIV inhibitor.


Would welcome comments on this (and other) IPO's that people may be looking at.


Cheers http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif



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