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In reply to: jazzmoo on Thursday 27/07/06 07:12pm

yeah, for sure when the buyback starts the sp still at this level,rinker will buying with their both hands. otherwise someone else will buy them out so cheaply.


looks like another good session for DOW tonight. a bit of catch up to do for RIN's price.

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In reply to: Barra on Friday 28/07/06 09:12am

morning Barra

it was up more than 2% most of trading session untill last 2 hour, it retreated with DOW. also the volume is more than average.

yeah, again ugly reading of new home sales figure but when it released RIN didn't react to it. given that RIN's sp down so much last two weeks one would think selles knew it all before and done their selling by now.

looking for a positive day here.

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Hello Eb


The market it giveth hope and then it crushes it like an egg shell.


Much lower volume. Is this good? It could be good if that means the sellers have all folded, but I guess it could also be the intro to episode three of 'murder by a falling knife'. LOL


Any thoughts?





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The US and AUS housing downturns are still making headlines and in the case of the US will continue to do so for some time ie > 6 months


RIN is a very well managed company with good assets and will recover over time but only after there are indications that it's bread & butter markets have stabilised.


The risk is still to the downside in the short to medium term.



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