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It seems someone shook the tree on Ramsay today and a raft of stops were taken out down to the long term trend line at $6.38. Filled my buy order at $6.41 along with it.


I note Huntley has this as a buy below $7.20. I view this as a great longer term stock which regularly falls to its trendline allowing top ups along the way.


An opportunity today or ??


cheers to all holders.

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It might be a good buying opportunity as I agree that the fundamentals for RHC look excellent. Founder, Paul Ramsay invested heavily in the capital raising at $7.35 (always a good sign).


On the other hand, technicals show that an ominous tripple top might be forming on the 3 months chart.


The report for RHC will be out on 25/2/05 and should provide the catalyst for the direction of RHC.


As a holder, I hope it is up.

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